Thursday, March 23, 2006

the babbling one ;-)

Love this feeling when things just start to come together, when I am reminded of why exactly I want to be a folklorist and see all the potential out there so clearly!
As you can see I’m in the third stage of prepairing, it’s weird, Halldor just commented upon the fact that I always follow the same routine. I do the research part, which I incidentally love, then comes intensive reading involving grumpyness, followed by a period where all is being matured in my head, all the ideas are coming together linked by previous scholarship, this is the part that he feels the most seeing as I’ll start rambling on about the weirdest subjects once we’re in bed and my mind seems to spring to live. Last night subjects included the bloody mary narratives’ connection to menarche, the increase in supernatural blame in what used to be morale stories of late and wondering whether 2001 had anything to do with that and movies and tv as non fixed text due to fan communities mixing genres, editors editions being published and different countries snipping parts off before public viewing….. yeah I know: "poor Halldor" ;-)

Anyways better get back to work seeing as I’m finally on a roll here ;-) Maby I’ll even make it to the actual writing stage…. Fingers crossed! Oh by the way, just read an amazing article by Carl Lindahl on ostension and it made me wonder if any of you (in particular my American readership) have heard of the Mal ojo and the egg?


At 1:14 am, Anonymous Auður said...

I´m pretty sure that fan communities are and will be having a greater influence on pop culture than ever before; fan-fic and -pic artists are increasingly using already existing characters and the internet to hone their skills and get amateur/professional feedback from members of the fan-community. Eg. Cassie Claire (acclaimed author of the draco trilogies) is releasing an original YA fiction later this year and she claims that writing fan-fic convinced her to write her own series. Go fandom!

At 3:10 am, Blogger Lola said...

Hey G, Thanks for reading my blog. And sure, please go ahead and use my story. I hope that it's useful.

At 8:38 am, Blogger Lisa said...

Nope, never heard of it. No egg cure for mal ojo in my suburban Northern California upbringing. I wonder if that would be different if I'd had a nanny.


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