Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I am such a geek and a show off ;-)


Flickr, the photosite I so enjoy, has this thing where they pick out the most interesting photos posted each day and post them on a separate page. Strangely the standing is always fluxuating so a picture that had the ranking 30 yestarday might be 400 today or simply no longer on the list.
That aside it is always fun to see ones own photos on there ;-) Hence the showoffedness ;-P
Below is a collection of my images that are currently on the interesting list, if you however follow this link and type in Gunnella you can see my current standing, which may be completely different...if you yourself have a flickr account you can also check if any of your photos have made it in there... I like my gadgets ;-D

My creation

1. The answer is blowing in the wind, 2. Eilean Donan reflected, 3. Eilean Donan in the chilly mist, 4. Concentration, 5. Edinburgh Castle as a mere backdrop ;-), 6. Enjoying the January sun in Leith, 7. Sloan street reflected, 8. Leith yet again, this time at twilight,

9. Edinburgh Castle stained glass windows, 10. Beauty below north bridge, 11. on board Austrian air, 12. Urquhart castle on the shores of Loch Ness, 13. Amazing graffiti at Anagnina Station in Rome, 14. This seemed to me to be "the" essence of Denmark, 15. Sunny weather in Leith, 16. Jun 2004 - Iceland´s Flag,

17. His head in a Bucket..., 18. Graveyard set, 19. A lone cone, 20. The westman islands in the far distance, 21. The lady by the tower :D, 22. Sumarfri 2004 - a hallway to a mysterious land ;-), 23. The moon ship.. and a sunset/rise, 24. St.Peters reflected,

25. Colourfest in the rain, 26. Templars in Temple, 27. High upon a church spire he sits and ponders the city below - An Edinburgh view, 28. Last minute Christmasshopping under a canopy of lights, 29. Jan 2004 - up north in Iceland, 30. Eilean Donan, 31. Lightplay above Njálsgata in Reykjavík, 32. Highlands yet again ;-),

33. Follow the white rabbit - Iceland National Day, 34. Deep fried Mars Bars - only in Scotland, 35. Playing with a balloon in the bath ;-), 36. The view over to the Castle on a misty morning, 37. Reflection in a Leith pub, 38. Eye to the sky...o.k. corny I know ;-Þ


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