Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The trembling wannabe scholar ;-)

Thank you so much for all your positive feedback to my last post ~big smile~ !!

I'm really sorry about the lacakage of posting of late, these days I'm panickly reading up on urban/contemporary/modern legend scholarship and trying prepare a paper I'm supposed to be giving at the end of the month at by far the most prestigious assembly I'll ever have addressed. So panicking is an understatement, I fully realize that it's good experience for me, that I can do the job and that all will go well, but still there is this riveting doubt about my own competence, or rather lack thereof. The more I read the less I feel I actually have a premise upon which to base my observations, that my subject is not really worth addressing and that I'm building a subject out of nothing, so one wee terrified scholar here. Then upon reading the programme I find that quite a number of the scholars that I'm quoting will actually be attending so .... major worries .... I know I'm being silly and am now duly kicking my butt into gear and to just tackle it ;-) Hey isn't blogging a great way of talking to oneself without appearing too crazy ;-P (not that anyone that knows me has any doubts about me in that department)

This message is brought to you by the brand new Sony Vaio ;-)


At 8:19 am, Anonymous Auja litla said...

You´ll do just fine. You know that and I know that, as does everyone else who reads this blog. Can I ask what the subject for the paper is about, you made me curious:)

At 5:52 pm, Blogger Soffia Fransiska said...

you can do it! Þessir "fínu" karlar/konur verða bara montin af því að þú vitnar í þá!


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