Saturday, April 15, 2006

It's alive, it's alive ..... (insert c-movie type crochety old voice here)

Smiiiile :-DElena just excitetly entered my bedroom and in a manner conspirational swore me to secrecy ;-) The news... (hey I crossed my fingers ;-) She's married, no less!! The gentleman in question apparently proposed seeing as she's such a great spy girl and they're going to have 10 children and live in Blonduos (the wee town I lived in up north) So how's that for news ;-P

Anyways, I'm really sorry for the apparent lackage here of postings of anysorts, be it photos, jokes, fandom trivia or family news! I have indeed been busy, with what you may ask...well.. I came home from the conference the first day of the kids Easter vacation, which accounts for a lot of absentness. Why the British school systems deems 2 and a half weeks of Easter holidays neccesary after only month of school since the midterm holidays I'll never know?? Why not just elongate the summer holidays when they can actually be outside and enjoy life?!?

At the sports SchoolWell the kids got a weeks worth of sports school which probably saved all our lives ;-) Djupt sokkin ;-)And then there have been lots of walks around Edinburgh, vistiting Halldors office and having hot chocholate at cafes when the weather turns mad, which it incidentally has been doing a lot of lately... how mad you ask, well do 9 millimetre wide hails raining down from a clear blue sky count? Or 5 minute storms that would rival an Icelandic one followed by sunshine and 5 minutes later the ground is dry again. So the only signs of the mad weather is me, standing there drenched, bedraggled and generally feeling utterly miserable and sorry for myself (that was the time we went for a picnic and ended up at the cinema ;-)

Then my trusted black (my IBM notebook) suffering from serious jealous pangs gave up on me causing a desperate search for minor things like my Ba and Ma thesis along with photographs and other documents. Thankfully most were recuperated but the Black is still very very dead. Then, of course, vavoom (the vaio) decided to act all funky (out of remorse I say) and in the end we had to reboot it to factory settings, in spite of me having Norton antivirus, as well as 2 spy and ad-ware programs functioning it seems I managed somehow to get a virus lodged in the root folder causing it to take 10 minutes to start up, play a funky rap remix of all music played and generally misbehave. Apparently, although I blame it on inter computer jealousy and remorse, Halldor has the technical term for it at hand, I'm what is termed a computer Bunny...... Someone who's computers instantaneously develop idiosyncratic personalities and unless properly stroked and coddled will make life hard for u ;-D

Oh and Ragnar now sports a Mohawk....

Decided since he'd been asking for it forwever I'd give hima a few months of control before he's whisked off to Japan and uniformity...


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Gledilega Paska.


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