Monday, July 03, 2006

Thorsmerkurferd :-D

Don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before but living abroad it occurred to me that there is very little I actually miss from Iceland. There are the friends and dad and Steini (that is when they’re actually there ;-) The one thing I seriously miss is the light…. Sound weird? Well Iceland has this amazing sharp clear light making for amazing, truly amazing photographs! Except of course when it’s raining, which it admittedly has been doing near constantly since my return but still, the interims make well up for it!
Sunset over the Whaling boats in Reykjavik
In summer you have the two hour long twilight when it moves from sunset to sunrise with a stunning array of colours and nuances, and sunny days where you literally have difficulty getting a good shot because the contrast is just so high. Then in winter for those 2-4 hours you actually have light enough for photography you get this incredibly warm golden light that just permeates everything and gives all you point your camera on an eerie fantasy glow.

Anyways, have been kept busy for the last week, oops actually two weeks (sorry about that). Started work, met up with firends, been to a concert and then last weekend a friend invited me along on a campingtrip up to Thorsmork. Great fun, amazing photo opportunities and plenty of beer ;-) Can it get better??
The glacier
Griiiin in the sunshine
Entering Thorsmork
The wholegroup looking relatively sane;-)
Everyone singing at the bonfire . Up in the hills . Bonfire

If you wish you can view the whole set here as a slide show ;-)


At 1:31 am, Blogger Steve said...

Sorry i've been out of the loop for a bit... those are fantastic photographs though!!

At 8:43 pm, Blogger Svava Svanborg said...

Sakna þess að sjá mynd af þér sauðdrukkinni :-)

At 1:58 am, Blogger Lola said...

That's beautiful!


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