Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Gay pride 2006

Gay Pride Reykjavik 2006 - Palli having a great day ;-)

Last saturday saw the annual Gay Pride Parade, or the Happy walk as it's been dubbed here ;-) The weather gods saw fit to regale us with rainless weather contributing to an awesome display of festivity and making it a truly gorgeous experience, not to mention opportunity for photographic indulgences ;-P

After managing to catch the parade thrice as it waddled down Laugarvegur, (at which point the kids were getting a tad impatient with me and unwilling to feed my camera habit any more) we met up with cousins and friends outside MR, Icelands longest suriving highschool and incidentally Halldors old school, needless to say I went to the one dubbed the hippy school not the smart pantsy elitist one...o.k. reverting from this unintelligeble tangent of folkloric Blason populaire or rivalry as it's more commonly known, what I meant to say that once downtown Elena was party to the dubious, yet revellatory pleasure of being interviewed for one of the local tv stations. You can watch the interview here, she is obviously the wee blonde thing wearing the traditional pink t-shirt of future pink ladies. She was asked whether she knew what the festivities were all about, and seeing as I'd explained all (o.k. not all but close) about homosexuals and lesbians before leaving the house I was not quite apprehensive but intrigued by what she might say, but she kept it simple saying, quite rightly, that it was a "happy parade" ...
By the way if anyone knows of a way to capture streaming video of this kind I'd give anything, o.k. perhaps not everything but great appreciation would be bestowed on any who could help me save this little nugget of memorabilia for future teasing. You see, I'm compiling a videoset of her to be played on her wedding ;-) and who said nice mums can't be eeeeeevil ;-D

Gay Pride Reykjavik 2006

Gay Pride Reykjavik 2006 . Gay Pride Reykjavik 2006 Ragnar and my cousins . Gay Pride Reykjavik 2006

Gay Pride Reykjavik 2006 - Evil look ;-)
So as not to clog the blog (deceased as it may be ;-) the rest of the gay pride parade photos can be viewed here or by clicking on the image below! Hope you enjoy :-D and yes.... the plan is that I'm back and blogging as never before ;-)
Gay Pride Reykjavik 2006


At 8:14 am, Anonymous Karó;) said...

Hæ;) ég er komin með nýja síðu;) bara svona til að láta þig vita:) http://k-c.bloggar.is

Gaman að heyra að þú ert að fylgjast með mér:) Sakna Ragnars og Elínu..:(

Skemmtið ykkur vel:)

At 12:53 am, Blogger Lola said...

Awesome images G! Maybe I will try to be there next year to watch it...

Hope that things are good with you there. Are you still planning on going to Japan?


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