Friday, September 22, 2006

The beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning..?

I’ve finally received information on when I’m leaving. Seems there are only 11 days until my “awfully big adventure” begins. After over a years worth of anticipation it’s hard to believe I’m actually there, that we are really leaving! Visas are in and everything, well perhaps not absolutely everything seeing as we still don’t have an apartment and hence not a school for the kids ;-) But I’ve just reached the stage where it’s simply too late to worry about it and to trust in the good old Icelandic way of life “It’ll all work out”
I’m leaving a couple of weeks ahead of the family giving me a small chance of managing to get an apartment before they arrive, if not then my friend is in for a couple of exciting weeks as wee all descend upon her ;-)

I’m at uni now, trying to get the hang of this postgraduate thing, making myself known, getting to know others in the field before disappearing for a year and a half ;-) Been nice though although somewhat daunting in the various expectations…yet everyone seems to have confidence in me except me, so I guess I’ll just go with the flow ;-P
The week here started out weird as my accommodation fell through, leaving me to wander aimlessly and somewhat panickly around Sheffield for a day. Just what one has always dreamt of, stranded in a foreign city by oneself ;-) Seeing as it’s fresher week all the hotels were fully booked and I was considering the train station as an option when one of the hotels I’d had my name put down on a waiting list on got a last minute cancellation. Of course as soon as I’d relaxed, showered and eaten, my “supposed” accommodation phoned surprised that I wasn’t staying there… hrumph I politely pointed out e-mails and phones were still considered valid forms of communication. But apart from that all’s been great, stayed with a friend up in Crooks, got a whole room to myself seeing as his flatmate still hadn’t turned up for the semester. Met up with NATCECT friends, looked at a baby, had a boozeup with East Asian Studies post grads and bought the kids a great big Bo Dan set. Yeah I know I spoil them, but I don’t who will…
So last supervisory meeting over, all I have to do is finish packing and head into the unknown….
Tune in next week for the next chaper in the “Amazing adventures of the floundering family in Japan” (got a better title?, by all means post it in the comments)


At 9:53 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your Phd. Things will work out just fine, just have faith in yourself, you KNOW everybody else does. :)
Good luck!!!
Best wishes,
Huld & co


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