Monday, September 25, 2006

Lazy Sunday of Church, B-Daman, hotdogs and lamb

Turns out the B-Daman was a success ;-)
bodaman1Me and Elena left the guys to put the B daman guys together whilst we shuttled off to church. Too many small pieces for four of us to tackle without a large prtion of the pieces going missing.
Interestingly enough there was a christening at church today, well a Christening on a Sunday isn’t all that unique what was different however was that the person being christened was around 20 years of age...thought provoking..
Anyways, Elena greatly enjoyed the Sunday school, I grinned over the fact that I remembered the mother sitting next to me from when I and she were wee and attended Sundays school together some decade or two (or three ago ;-)
Afterwards Elena duly signed up to be a candle bearer next Sunday and great discussions ensued which dress she intends to wear ...

BDamanBringing hotdogs home, Sunday fare at it’s best ;-) BdamanWe quickly ate and then the battles began.... which is where the aforementioned B Daman comes into the story.. As I mentioned before I bought the kids BDaman in the Uk, (I fully relize I overly spoil them, but then if I don´t who will ;-) seeing as Elena had repeatedly asked for it and I thought it might be fun for all of us.. turned out I was right :-D

Concentration . Concentration

Arghhhh just came accross this video here, what have I brought into my home ;-) I should have knon better ;-) Now I´ll need to get the dvds and the whole shenanigans!


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