Saturday, September 16, 2006

Sheephearding ;-)

Last weekend we went to an annual event that takes place all over Iceland. It involves sheep, lots of them, hundreds if not thousands! ;-) b09.09.06 176
After a summer of freedom roaming the highlands of Iceland they are herded into communal spaces, then they are sorted by their markings (clipped or numbered ears) into compartments designated for each farm and later driven home.
This is a major social event, many come from afar to participate even though they no longer live in the countryside. Then traditionally there is a dance later on and beverages (of the alcoholic type) imbibed freely the Icelandic way ;-)
We participated through my ex husbands family (the childrens grandparents) although participate might be a tad too strong seeing as we only have what little clothing we brought with us and Tokyo school clothes are not quite what was needed there ;-P
But all in all a great day and the kids loved it! Let's say Halldor survived, seeing as he was being introduced to the hordes of ex-relations ...
Bryndis og Ragnhildur
U looking at me?
b09.09.06 141
A bit toothless and weaing mums cap from highschool (MH) . b09.09.06 303


At 10:34 am, Blogger Rose said...

I loved looking at all the pictures from this set--next best thing to attending a rettir myself! I could smell the crisp, clean air just by looking at your photos.


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