Friday, October 06, 2006

It´s raining, it´s pouring, the old man is snooring..

I´ve had such a great day :-D after managing to sleep through the night (we´ll ignore those two hours between 1 and 3 ;-) I decided to be brave and attempt traversing the train system by my self, a somewhat daunting task when one can´t read the Kanji, but I knew Shibuyja was only two stops away so I just followed the flow.

It may seem funny that I´m this nervous after having lived in Japan for a year (15 years ago) but the thing is I feel slightly at odds ends here, there are so many people all hurrying, banging their umbrellas into mine, doesn´t help that it has also rained non stop since I arrived, the torrential heavy type and with it being so overcast it feels (to me) a bit like I´m right smack middle of Blade Runner only I know but a smattering of the language.. In short slightly claustrophobic, increased by a sense of being out of my depth and my brain frantically trying to interpret all the symbols around me ;-)

But anyways, managed to walk around Shibuya getting a feel for the place, found an amazing bookstore and seeing as I felt I thoroughly deserved it and that it was quite logical I rewarded myself with 4 Japanese books, 2 on Kanji, on on verbs and one (which I´m reading tonight ;-) on the misfortunuous ways to bemuddle your Japanese for the worst possible misunderstandings ;-D Then a bilingual map of Tokyo, Eragon (hey have to read the book before the movie comes out, and they trailer looks soooo good) and ooops *blush* the first season of Roswell.... Well it was 50% off, and I´ve never seen it, and I promise to watch it in Japanese and.. oh to hell with it because I felt like it ;-P

One thing that has struck me since being here is how amazingly positive everyone is to being approached, as soon as they realize I´m asking in Japanese they´re all smiles and no problem answering any question... it´s nice....and makes finding ones way around a LOT easyer!

Anyways, managed to order myself a hanko, i.e. my name stamp without which I can´t do any legal business here, might even managed to find my way back there to pick it up, fingers crossed.

Already I can feel my mind shifting gears, and it happens with increased frequency that I find myself unconsciously reading a Kanji signpost or a shampoo bottle, so I guess there is hope yet.. To explain the shifting gears thing, when I am faced with writing an essay I often get this feeling, I don´t feel like I´m actually doing any work but just looking at references and trying not to think about how close the deadline is, then all-over-a-sudden it just hits home and I find that I´ve made the connections and the material just streams out .. So let´s just hope the same goes for Japanese comprehension ;-)

Well my kombini (convience store)bought sushi awaits, until later, toodelydoo


At 12:44 am, Anonymous Auður said...

Wow.... you lucky duck, you! Going out to explore new cities is the most fun in the world and I can´t even begin to imagine what it must be like to wander around Tokyo!

I´ll be thinking about you when I´m walking the streets of down-town Winnipeg... ;)

At 4:04 am, Blogger Neil said...

Sounds fantastic - Tokyo's a place I've always wanted to visit. Have fun, take care and, although we'll miss you in Glasgow tomorrow, we'll definitely raise a glass.

N x

At 4:17 am, Blogger wordnerd said...

OMG you are in Japan now!
That rocks SO MUCH. It should get easier...try to stay positive and remember how COOL IT IS that you are being paid to be in Japan! Awesome!

At 4:41 am, Anonymous crazy gaijin said...

oh man, i'm so jealous! enjoy some dango for me...hope we can roam the streets of japan together again 15 years, has it been that long??


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