Friday, October 06, 2006

Last Sunday..

Elena the candle bearer ;-)
I was so proud of myself last Sunday ;-) As I mentioned before Elena had chosen to be a candle bearer which I fully supported, however after a farwell dinner with friends and a few hours at the pub afterwards I ahve to admit that my enthusiasm was somewhat diminished come Sunday morning... hence my self proudness.
She was amazing, didn´t falter nor drop her candle (as I fully expected)and was obviously chuffed to bits to be doing this :-D I survived the half sermon, then accompanied her to the Sunday school where I admittedly left her to buy myself a bottle of water and to wait outside taking photos whilst she partook ;-) She by the way adamantly chose both her dress and tights ! ;-)
Elena the candle bearer ;-) . Elena the candle bearer ;-) . Elena the candle bearer ;-)

This Sunday the plan is to go househunting here in Tokyo ;-) Slight change of scenery..


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