Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Less than a month

Can hardly believe its only been a month, actually less since I arrived! So much has happened, so much has been achieved, although the interenet connection is still a no show ;-)

Weve managed to find an apartment, furnish it almost fully and the kids are already fully equipped and attending school... The equipping for school and the conundrum of renting in Japan are materials for indepth posts at a later date ;-P

My school is going well, had my ups and downs, mind not really in the whole memorizing zone but slowly adjusting..Japanese paperwork has been immense yet at the same time everyone has been so incredibly helpful and positive, so things taking time isnt such a hassle as long as they get done... And the kids got into school withough a scrap of paperwork!! Compaired to Italy this place is heaven in that regard!!

Anyways, better run now, have classes from 9 - 4 :-( takes some getting used to as well as for the brain to adjust to 8\9 hours of studying a day...And me that has always hated language classes, grammar is my very worst enemy and memorization doesnt work... guess I got myself into this ;-) and hence am doing my best :-D

Well until later, p.s. If anyone wants my mailing address let me know by e-mail.



At 1:29 am, Anonymous Auður said...

I´m curious... is the appartment furnished by Ikea?
My definition of a culture shock is moving to a new place and finding out that there´s no Ikea nearby. Winnipeg: get with the program!


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