Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A small photo update :-)

Still don´t have the internet at home, but fingers crossed we´ll have it on Friday! Managed however to upload a couple of pics for your perusal ;-)
The kids have settled in admirably, the cost of setting them up for school stuff was horrifying yet very worth it when one sees their enjoyment ;-)
My handsome Sho gakkusei :-D

Me being the concientious mum, sewing labels unto their t-shirts..All their things, i.e. schoolbags, umbrellas, shoes, caps, t-shirts, shorts (for gym), calligraphy sets, art sets, recorders, tablecloths, earthquake blanckets + pouch and of course the normal pencil case and colours had to be thoroughly marked, involving amongst other things sewing ;-P

We´ve managed to settle quite nicely in, bought some furniture and got lent a tv as well as a dvd player, even had our first dinner party, although the guests did most of the cooking as I read over an essay and got my school project read over ;-) We´re so lucky with the apartment, it is huge by Japanese Tokyo standards and the landlady is so sweet :-D
Ragga and Hiroki over for dinner :-D

We´ve done our bit of sightseeing around the city, as you can see by the Harajuku girls below ;-) The wee blond one seems a tad out place...
Harajuku girls ;-P

Anyways, gotta run, Elena is home from school (which amazingly is all of 40 metres away from the house and the neighbours might start to notice the theft of bandwidth ;-)


At 9:31 pm, Blogger Siggadis said...

Ohhh.... öfund stelpa :-) Vonandi njótið þið þessa tíma í tætlur!

At 9:54 pm, Anonymous Naoko og Magnus said...


At 5:07 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

idem on the ofund!
nice! ;)
hugs to all,

At 6:41 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bornin blomstra. :) Amerikanar eru lika oskaplega jolagladir og byrja ad versla snemma.
Knus fra amerikunni
Huld og co


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