Monday, December 18, 2006

My Bouncing monkey and Policeman

Sore thumb anyone?
A quick presentation Contemplative monkey Elena the wee monkey

ot focusin on the play at hand ;-)The kids had their annual winter show the weekend before last. Needless to say they were amazing ;-) Elena was a monkey in a large production involving all the first year students. Pretty with a monkey mask, wearing a brown sweater on loan from Ragga and proudly displaying a very red butt I diligently sewed unto the trousers as per instructions. She even had a dance scene which I hope to post once I figure this condencing of videos out ;-P
Elena the wee monkey

The festival was actually to a great extent surrounding the fact that the fourth year students, one of which is incidentally my Ragnar, were now 10 years old and as such officially half-adults ;-D puzzled? Well at 20 they have this grand coming of age ceremony and apparently this was a chance for them to express their future plans and give thanks for what has gone before. Ragnar had a small part to play, he came out unto the stage, bowed, and the quickly expressed his interest in becoming a police officer when he grew up ;-)
Surpriced? Well I most definitely was, seeing as he's adamantly professed his interest in becoming an etymologist but apparently that was too illunderstandable and hence his future was simplified ;-P But they both did great and I'm incredibly proud of them! As well as proud of us, specifically Halldor for surviving four straight hours in uncomfortable chairs watching endless recitals, songs and some incredibly longwinded what seemed like science presentations ;-)

I of course spoilt them with hot chocholate and cake afterwards ;-)

famous four, or should I say infamous ;-)In other news I managed to pass my first exams, well admittedly the kanji one I had to retake but went from 25 to 69 for which I was fairly chuffed. School won't end until the 22. Apparently they discussed the matter and decided to let us foreign students out early ;-) Us foreign students being the handsome four on the right. Luxurious what, four pupils to a teacher. It pays off it would seem being ill definable as was the case with all four ;-) Just looking at the picture it strikes me..."An Irish woman, Brazilian, American and an Icelandic one walk into a bar ..........."

Been trying to prepare for Christmas in between giving papers and taking tests but have it would seem only succeeded in totally messing up our precious livingroom. Hopefully though a mini Cristmastree will be procured today :^D Managed anyway to get presents sent off to dad and STeini, as well as their siblings and a couple of friends. In order to stay on the (semi)right side of sanity however I have decided the rest will be in e-mail form. Impersonal as it may be, after calculating the cost and even counting in child labour and hence mass productions of Christmas cards ... yeah well you get the pic ;-D
The mess that is Christmas preparations
Concentrating hard on writing cards Concentrating hard on writing cards


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