Saturday, March 10, 2007

Afterschool clubbing

Lunch time
Today was family day at Elenas Gakudou (afterschool club) which involved loads of sports, bento lunch with all the parents standing up and praising their kids one by one, the third year graduation and a few performances. The performance I chose to video tape was their rendition of Arigatou, a popular J-pop hit here ;-) Pretty catchy don't you think?

Blond hair attractionTook a rather nice set, if I say so myself in the gym, one for instance showing the kids fascination with Elenas hair ;-) As well as a number of the kids around... Note the one where the siblings are pulling at each other and Ragnars friend is in mid jump..Love this camera and what it can do sans flash ;-)
The handsomest Talk about catching a moment Pom pom girl Elena and Sasha

All in all pretty proud of my self, can't say I enjoy going to things where I know there'll be tons of people, none of which I know, having no real understanding of what the day is all about, ..not much improved once there due to language filters (it's no longer a proper barrier) ;-) and having to hang about looking enthusiastic, properly interested and ... well you know... but I guess it all comes with the "mum" title ;-) ... Anyways I had on my black leather jacket and my giganteous camera so I was allright ;-P allbeit a tad out of place....
:-D Fame ;-) Further Fame ;-)


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