Thursday, March 01, 2007

Sappy, inconsequential ponderings, welsh

I’ve always appreciated my quiet moments in the morning, much preferred getting up half an hour earlier just to be able to read the paper and eat breakfast quietly, and there is nothing that I find as irritating than being woken up harshly, it will literally spoil my mood for the whole day… Well after this pointless comment, all I wanted to express was my delight at the comfortable domesticity of this morning, Halldor sleeping in ( I slept in yesterday) the kids having washed and eaten and were now quietly doing their thing in the livingroom, Elena practicing her piano (I love headphones!) and Ragnar reading a book on fossils. Sun shining outside, spring in the air and literally birds chiping on our balcony, yikes I’m sappy. And of course once the kids had been kissed goodbye, and they left for school with a smile for me and bickering with each other (hey it couldn’t be all picture perfect could it) I get down to work…well o.k. blogging

Oh and this whole post should be listened to with a welsh accent seeing as I was watching Torchwood (Dr Who spinoff series) well into the night and they have such goooorgeous welsh accents admittedly Cardiff not Aber but still ;-) On that note I bid ye farewell…


At 12:07 pm, Blogger Rose said...

These quiet moments must be wonderful after your studying frenzy of the past three months! I picture you having delicious tea--am I right? I have a friend who brings me tea from her sister in Taiwan, and it's far better than anything I have found here. Especially when prepared in my yixing pot!

At 2:58 am, Anonymous Auður said...

I too, love having my breakfast in peace. I need to wake up to a quiet cup of coffee, not a yapping group of people.

At 12:37 pm, Blogger Rose said...

Love the taiko pictures...turned out beautifully, especially considering the movement and the dark surroundings! We saw taiko drummers here in Richmond, and it was a tremendously exciting experience. I also like the three pictures you've placed at the top right of your blog page...oh, I get it, they change. Cool! When I first noticed this, there was a picture of the Solfar sculpture that I love so much.


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