Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Tom Jones' sex bomb blaring from above, I accept my riceball from the 7-11 salesmanbowing in front of me.

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Momentarily distracted I smile, only to be sharply brought back to reality by the pain in my leg, an injury (of sorts) sustained only minutes earlier during my first memorable introduction to a proper rushhour squeeze on board my morning commute. Yes there are gloved guards pushing people into the carriages! bleh! just needed to vent to lighten up before class, a complementary massive cuteness overload pic above seeing as I'm blogging this on my mobile through flickr


At 2:46 pm, Blogger Soffia said...

OMG, ef ég kæmi í heimsókn til þín er það alveg ljóst að ég færi ekki með þér í "morning commute"! Ýta fólki inn til að troða fleirum.... hrollur ..... vona annars að allt gangi eins og það á að ganga. pojpoj, kveðja frá Áló

At 6:40 am, Blogger Lola said...

Hey G! Just thought that I would drop by and say hello. I've been thinking of you because I am kind of getting reacquainted with all things "Island" being that I saw Bjork in concert the other night.

Hope things are going well!

At 8:01 pm, Blogger Té la mà Maria said...

please visit, thank


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