Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Rising head and shoulders over the revellers ;-)

Rising head and shoulders over the revellers ;-)
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Lizzie and Jon Paul by Azakusa gateJust had a full house for the past couple of weeks, great fun, and amazingly enough not so tight, I guess the saying "throngt geta sattir setid" applies ;-) i.e. intelligent, friendly, charming (buttering things up here a bit ;-) can survive tight tatami matted quarters for short periods of time (Icelandic is an amazingly succinct language).
A crowded homeMy friend Svava and her daughter Hilda Margret came first and we were then joined by John Paul and Lizzie from Scotland so it was a tad tight I:ll be the first to admit, but hey a better excuse for going out to dinner each night I`ve still to come accross!!
Anyways here are a couple of pics but are to be found in my July set as well as on Svavas blog page along with a few travel stories (admittedly in Icelandic).

Svava and Halldor Elena and Svava at a Isagaya :-D Mother and daughter Jp and Ragnar



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