Tuesday, April 12, 2005

How I´m completely without Goth ;-P

Why oh why is blogger being so incredibly annoying?!? Absolutely nothing seems to be working, I can´t post, I can´t even comment....
Oh well I guess I´m getting what I´m paying for ;-P

Well it´s official now. Callum had the final say on the question of wether I posess goth qualities or not. (see befuddling "who am I post") It all boils down to an international event, or rather a European one ;-D The Eurovision Song Contest..... It´s one of those things I have to see each year and I´d love to have dvds of the foregone competitions :-d So am I weird or am I weird? It´s just this amazing collection of kitchness totally unrivalled by anything! And watching old competitions, for instance ´89 ;-P takes one back to a place that really aught to be forgotten, oh and buried :-D

Apparently the Danes seem to think that Iceland might win this year..*puzzled frown* after watching the video, and of course listening to the song! Hrumph I can´t see how ?!?

Eurovision is a funny thing in Iceland. It´s kind of a major cultural event every year even though neraly everyone claims to despise it ;-) There are Eurovision Parties everywhere and walking through the streets of Reykjavík during the counting of the votes one meetw fewer people than on Christmas night (o.k. no comments on what it makes me...walking by myself at those times ;-) If you want a peek at what Iceland has actually submitted to the competition then go here and in the top bar click "Íslensku evróvisjónlögin" oh and incidentally if you do, note the funny jewellery on contestant from 1987, "Hægt og Hljótt".. My grandad designed it :-D

And the win, oh yes every year there is a bog hoolaha regarding how we´re sure to win this year and what would we do were that to happen.... The newspapers run articles on all the arrangements that would have to be done, that we can´t afford it with the economy as it is but that all the guests would be a boon for the tourist industry ;-) all in all a very heated subject :-D

Hey look what Jhonny Logan did for Ireland ;-P !

Browsing through the videos it strikes me that yet again, every single country seems to have gone out of their way to copy last years winners ;-P There is this arabic/eastern european lilt and beat to most of the songs, Iceland being no exception there... Oh and this year they have t-shirts and the possibility of preordering the dvd ;-P


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