Friday, April 30, 2004

Malkovich Signs for 'Potter IV'

Hollywood star John Malkovich has landed a starring role in the next Harry Potter movie, playing evil Lord Voldemort. The Dangerous Liaisons actor's daughters Amandine, 13 and Lowrie, 12 - huge fans of the fantasy franchise - convinced him to appear in Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire. But he will have to share the part with a computerized puppet - at the beginning of the film, the wizard is supposed to be so wasted by his own evil he is barely a skeleton. A movie insider says, "He is perfect for the role. He will play the 'restored' human version of Lord Voldemort and has a spectacular fight scene with Harry at the end of the film."

But didn´t J.K. Rowling insist on the principal cast being British (with two exceptions though- Richard Harris was, of course, Irish, and Zoë Wanamaker, though she has made her name as a "British" actress, is actually a US citizen)


Drawing a Mandala has never been easyer

Use your mouse to create some amazing Spirograph-like drawings, loads of fun for the whole family ;-)

* Talent not required.


Thursday, April 29, 2004

The Top 100 Things I'd Do
If I Ever Became An Evil Overlord

When I've captured my adversary and he says, "Look, before you kill me, will you at least tell me what this is all about?" I'll say, "No." and shoot him. No, on second thought I'll shoot him then say "No."

One of my advisors will be an average five-year-old child. Any flaws in my plan that he is able to spot will be corrected before implementation.

I will never utter the sentence "But before I kill you, there's just one thing I want to know."

No matter how tempted I am with the prospect of unlimited power, I will not consume any energy field bigger than my head.

All naive, busty tavern wenches in my realm will be replaced with surly, world-weary waitresses who will provide no unexpected reinforcement and/or romantic subplot for the hero or his sidekick.

Once my power is secure, I will destroy all those pesky time-travel devices.

My main computers will have their own special operating system that will be completely incompatible with standard IBM and Macintosh powerbooks.

Members of my Legion of Terror will attend seminars on Sensitivity Training. It's good public relations for them to be kind and courteous to the general population when not actively engaged in sowing chaos and destruction.

I will not, under any circumstances, marry a woman I know to be a faithless, conniving, back-stabbing witch simply because I am absolutely desperate to perpetuate my family line. Of course, we can still date.

I loved these, over two hundred more to be found at the evil overlord list ;-)

You have got to be kidding me ....! a "Ragin' in Reykjavik" Hooters Iceland Invasion

Come into Hooters during April 19 - May 16 and enter to win a trip to Reykjavik, Iceland and a chance to win up to 50,000,000 Kronur (that's about $700,000)!

Oh Alison..... isn´t it about time you visited me again ;-)

Summer time..

hummmmm I wonder........

Battle time ;-) Chaaaaarge.......

Shadow play

The answer my friend is blowing in the wind, the answer is... oooops gone :-o

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Vote now!!


After my verb conjugator posting it was pointed out to me that in this here insane world of ours there are currently more fluent Klingon speakers than there are speakers of Icelandic. I kinda doubted the figure but then I started thinking I personally know two people here in Iceland that can speak Klingon, Halldor added one more to that list.
So say that there are only these three klingon speakers in Iceland (doubtful though) that´s three people per three hundred thousand (Icelands grand population)... take that figure and the what two-three billion people that have access to tv´s in the world.... yikes it´s probably true ...!!!

I should as Svava said be concentrating on my Klingon rather than Japanese!

Ahh regarding Japanese I want to brag a wee bit, last weekend we took a mock version of level four japanese language proficiency test at school and guess what... I passed with flying colours !!!!

My lowest score was on the grammar, only 6.8, then kanji and reading 7.6 and finally comprehension a staggering 9.5 !!
I´m extatic seeing as I didn´t even prepaire for the test at all...
If you are curious as to what exactly the JLPT is then you can find information regarding them here. Here you can try your hand at the kanji version of said exam ;-)

Monday, April 26, 2004

Politicians are idiots

Ever fancy a t-shirt that read "politicians are idiots (asses)??
Ever fancy said t-Shirt in Icelandic ;-) ?
Well here´s your chance to own your very own "Stjornmalamenn eru fifl" t-shirt.

Enjoy ;-)


On-line verb conjugator

This is pretty amazing, in my opinion at least. An on-line verb conjugator which includes languages such as Icelandic (checked and works), Italian, Welsh and ..... Klingon (don´t have the knowledge to check that one sorry ;-)

So when were you born??

Want to know your life path number, what the moon was like, what weekday it was or exactly how many days until your next birthday... then have a go here ;-)

A bright day ;-)


Sunday, April 25, 2004

Yikes some people are just plain scary !!

Not mittens but smittens...
I created the idea of Smittens while on a romantic walk with my husband. We were trying to hold hands through our bulky mittens, when it dawned on me to create a mitten that was large enough for both our hands. That way, I thought, we could truly hold hands.

Anyone care to bet on wether they have matching outfits???

From the Curious Math site: Curious Calculations.

Not very useful, but certainly curious.

1 x 1 = 1
11 x 11 = 121
111 x 111 = 12321
1111 x 1111 = 1234321
11111 x 11111 = 123454321
111111 x 111111 = 12345654321
1111111 x 1111111 = 1234567654321
11111111 x 11111111 = 123456787654321
111111111 x 111111111=12345678987654321

3 x 37 = 111 and 1 + 1 + 1 = 3
6 x 37 = 222 and 2 + 2 + 2 = 6
9 x 37 = 333 and 3 + 3 + 3 = 9
12 x 37 = 444 and 4 + 4 + 4 = 12
15 x 37 = 555 and 5 + 5 + 5 = 15
18 x 37 = 666 and 6 + 6 + 6 = 18
21 x 37 = 777 and 7 + 7 + 7 = 21
24 x 37 = 888 and 8 + 8 + 8 = 24
27 x 37 = 999 and 9 + 9 + 9 = 27

For aficionados of the advance fee fraud email genre, here is a truly delicious 419 solicitation to brighten your Sunday. Just when you thought you'd heard it all, try the one about the Nigerian astronaut stuck on Soyuz:

Subject: Nigerian Astronaut Wants To Come Home
Dr. Bakare Tunde
Astronautics Project Manager
National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA)
Plot 555
Misau Street
PMB 437
Garki, Abuja, FCT NIGERIA

Dear Mr. Sir,


I am Dr. Bakare Tunde, the cousin of Nigerian Astronaut, Air Force Major Abacha Tunde. He was the first African in space when he made a secret flight to the Salyut 6 space station in 1979. He was on a later Soviet spaceflight, Soyuz T-16Z to the secret Soviet military space station Salyut 8T in 1989. He was stranded there in 1990 when the Soviet Union was dissolved. His other Soviet crew members returned to earth on the Soyuz T-16Z, but his place was taken up by return cargo. There have been occasional Progrez supply flights to keep him going since that time. He is in good humor, but wants to come home.

In the 14-years since he has been on the station, he has accumulated flight pay and interest amounting to almost $ 15,000,000 American Dollars. This is held in a trust at the Lagos National Savings and Trust Association. If we can obtain access to this money, we can place a down payment with the Russian Space Authorities for a Soyuz return flight to bring him back to Earth. I am told this will cost $ 3,000,000 American Dollars. In order to access the his trust fund we need your assistance.

Consequently, my colleagues and I are willing to transfer the total amount to your account or subsequent disbursement, since we as civil servants are prohibited by the Code of Conduct Bureau (Civil Service Laws) from opening and/ or operating foreign accounts in our names.

Needless to say, the trust reposed on you at this juncture is enormous. In return, we have agreed to offer you 20 percent of the transferred sum, while 10 percent shall be set aside for incidental expenses (internal and external) between the parties in the course of the transaction. You will be mandated to remit the balance 70 percent to other accounts in due course.

Kindly expedite action as we are behind schedule to enable us include downpayment in this financial quarter.

Please acknowledge the receipt of this message via my direct number 234 (0) 9-234-2220 only.

Yours Sincerely, Dr. Bakare Tunde
Astronautics Project Manager

Truly inspired. ;-)

What´s behind the smile ????

Saturday, April 24, 2004

A fat lot of good this does, nehh..?

I´ve got the prettiest cousins ;-)

Hey I managed to take a picture that distorts ones sense of straight lines.. note how the picture seems to be wider on the right hand side (hey just bear with me ;-)

p.s. click on it for a larger version...

Warn a Brother ;-)

Thursday, April 22, 2004

I thought I had too much time on my hands but this guy...?

Takes anal-ism to new and undiscovered territories... He´s found something going on with number 23 and number 5: The ever-expanding list of the synchronous occurrence of the number Twenty-Three (23) with application to the Law of Fives (2+3=5).

Where Are They Now:

Have you ever wondered what ever happened to all those childhood stars, those celebrities that have just seemingly evaporated, Mc Hammer..anyone..? Look tem all up on!

Real Name: Butch Patrick
A.K.A: Eddie Munster
Category: Childhood Stars
Claim To Fame: The wolfboy in the popular 60's tv show the Munsters.

Butch Patrick now lives in Florida. Makes special appearances at halloween events all over the country. He recently appeared in the VH1 t.v. show star dates (he continued dating the hot girl).He also got his own T.V show in Los Angeles, Macabre Theater in 2002.He is also the proud owner of an original Grateful Dead tour bus.

One Liners

Here in Iceland we only get Jay Leno and that´s a week late... So.. Here's a site that archives the jokes from Leno, Letterman, and Killborn: Late Night Liners.

For example, here's a joke from Jay Leno last night:

Starbucks is teaming up with the makers of Jim Beam whiskey to introduce a whiskey-flavored coffee. So now just instead of being late for work, you just don't go in at all.

And this from Letterman:

It's almost spring time in the city. Today I thought I saw a robin redbreast. Instead it turned out to be a pigeon with a knife wound.

Thank you all ;-) hugs and kisses :-D

Had a nice evening last night, out to dinner then to a double feature Kill Bill extravaganza ;-P I hadn´t seen the first one so I didn´t really know what to expect (and to tell the truth was rather dubious at best) but it rocked!!

It´s such an excellent story! I discovered an new one of many discrepancies in me ;-) i.e. I don´t mind violence as long as it´s justified and being faught by people who willingly put themselves into that situation... Make any sense?

Just me..

p.s. that lunch box rocks !

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Happy birthday to me ;-)

Looking over a list of people whose birthday I share it woould seem to me that I´m a....

funny, clumsy, artistic, sexy and remarkably charming megalomaniac (with ever so slight minority complexes)... desu sho....?

Harold Lloyd, Hitler, Carmen Electra, and Kinki ;-)

Humm.. perhaps best NOT to ask for feedback on these ;-)

Your Sexual Profile (you sexual deviant you...) by sparkledee
Your Secret Kink ThingYou like to play dead.
Your Sexual StrengthHow hot you look in lingerie.
Your Sexual WeaknessYour freaky noises during sex
Your Likely STDYou're clean! Hurray for you!
How Many Partners in Crime?Too numerous to count! SLUT!
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

Your Love Situation by Amberishjewel
Your Love Is...Seductive
During Lovemaking You Act...Like a child, always playing
Your Partner Is...Your everything
Your Partner Has Said That You...Are a great lover
Your Love is Summed Up In A Quote."One must know how to seduce"
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

Countdown to ........


Palmistry Online !!

Tried my hand (lousy pun I know ;-) at the palmistry online site. I´ll leave it up to you to decide if there is any value in it or not .... By all means give it a go and see if it works for you :-D!!

Your Life Line reveals that you like to travel, but will always return home. You need a lot of space which is why you prefer spending time outdoors. You tend to have strong romantic tendencies.

Your Head Line reveals that you lack confidence, but have a sense of grievance. You carry a chip on your shoulder, but will vent this emotion through participating in political activities.

Your Heart Line reveals that you have a masculine nature and are easily aroused by your own desires. You are able to maintain a good balance between the physical and emotional sides that accounts for your warm and generous disposition.

Your Fate Line reveals that you will have an early and independent start to your career, and will be successful in your life's work.

Your Sun Line reveals that you have a remarkable character whose powers can be used to either benefit or harm mankind, depending on your outside influences. You will have a lot of personal success and achievement in the literary arts. Your career will be helped and guided by those around you.

You have an Air hand. You are a person who is independent, intellectual, analytical and unpredictable. Your optimal career choices are to work as a writer, psychiatrist, scientist, detective and teacher.

I never had any Underooos... :-( pouty lip!

For the underoos commercial ;-) right click on the link ;-P

Friday, April 16, 2004

Oh no.. Frodo has failed ..

More picture jokes ;-)

Us foreign policy
Namecalling ;-)
Nice try !!
The thesis game (relevant how..? ;-)
Behind his back..
Very cheap airlines..
Another Bush one (sorry American friends..)
And finally the truth behind female male relationships!! Sorry guys you´re so never gonna win ;-)

Amount of TV viewed as a toddler linked to childhood ADHD

"The data from 2,500 children covered by the study found that they watched an average of 2.2 hours per day at age 1 and 3.6 hours per day at age 3. But some watched 12 hours or more. "

1-3 year olds watching TWELVE hours of TV a day? Jeez.

Our only television was a 9 inch Black and White model until I was 9. That was when when we got a 13 inch color set. In Iceland there used to be no tv on Thursdays, no tv in July and the only childrens show were the weekly kids show (an hour on Sunday), little house on tha prairy and Tom and Jerry on Mondays....
Admittedly my kids have watched a lot more tv than that but .. still 12 hours at that age.. that´s more time than mine spent awake at that age !!!!!

By the way...God apparently hates shrimp

I watch even less TV now. Internet, on the other hand... ;)

Thursday, April 15, 2004

The woes of Luuuuv....

Follow the link and press watch this movie, enjoy ;-P

Which Band Should You Be In? by couplandesque
Your Name
Band NameSystem Of A Down
TrademarkExtreme Sassiness
Love InterestThe Drummer
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0! What Tenchi Muyo Girl Are You?

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Mine looking handsome as ever (of course)

Ragnar was just returning from a day out at Dominos pizza of all places, apparently the kids were invited to get to know the inner workings of a pizza place and then make a pizza for themselves :-)
Needless to say my Nigella watching man loved every minute of it!! And needless to say this one of those rare traits he actually has inherited from his father ;-) not me....

Nicholson aims to buy a castle in Iceland

He he stole this of the imdb site, anyone care to hazard a guess as to how many castles there are in Iceland ;-)

Legendary actor Jack Nicholson is investigating the possibility of buying a second castle - this time in Iceland. The Oscar-winner recently pumped an Icelandic journalist for details on the island, including how cold it is and if there were any castles for sale. Nicholson has a strange new mission to buy castles all over the world, and recently purchased one in Britain. But the 66-year-old was disappointed to learn, "The Vikings didn't build any castles."

A weird policy about to be presented here in Iceland.. anti immigartion thing.. me not likin....... :-( ... Involves the right for house search without warranty and forced dnd testing the price of which would have to be paid by the sufferer of the indignity ....


Anti Bill gates jokes site !!

Bill Gates died and found himself in purgatory being sized up by St. Peter. "Well, Bill, I'm really confused on this call. I'm not sure whether to send you to Heaven or Hell. After all, you helped society enormously by putting a computer in almost every home in America, yet you also created that ghastly Windows 95. I'm going to do something I've never done before in your case: I'm going to let you decide where you want to go."

Bill replied, "What's the difference between the two?"

St. Peter said, "I'm willing to let you visit both places briefly, if it will help your decision."

"Fine, but where should I go first?"

"I'll leave that up to you."

"Okay then," said Bill. "Let's try Hell first."

So Bill went to Hell. It was a beautiful and clean. Bill saw a sandy beach with clear waters and lots of bikini-clad women running around, playing in the water, laughing and frolicking about. The sun was shining, the temperature perfect. He was very pleased.

"This is great!" he told St. Peter. "If this is Hell, I really want to see Heaven!"

"Fine," said St. Peter, and off they went.

Heaven was a place high in the clouds, with angels drifting about, playing harps and singing. It was very nice, but not as enticing as Hell.

Bill thought for a quick minute, and rendered his decision. "Hmmm. I think I'd prefer Hell," he told St. Peter.

"Fine," retorted St. Peter, "as you desire." So Bill Gates went to Hell.

Two weeks later, St. Peter decided to check on the late billionaire to see how he was doing in Hell. When he got there, he found Bill shackled to a wall in a dark cave, screaming amongst hot flames,
being burned and tortured by demons.

"How's everything going?" he asked Bill.

With his voice filled with anguish and disappointment, Bill responded, "This is awful! This is nothing like the Hell I visited
two weeks ago! I can't believe this is happening! What happened to that other place, with the beautiful beaches and the scantily clad women playing in the water?"

"That was a demo," replied St. Peter.

And the geordie version of windows is an absolute must ;-)

A reverse astrology predictor, you tell them what you´re like and they tell you what sign you are.... Apparently my parents lied to me ;-) and I am not really an Aries but an Aquarious..? humm.. Check it out and tell me if it works for you ;-P

Lost for a smart remark to see off your enemies? Unable to deliver that killer insult? Put an end to "I was speechless!" misery with the amazing Biblical Curse Generator.

Sunday, April 11, 2004

And here we have it ;-)

You are smart and sexy!

Which Ultimate Beautiful Woman are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

A great year of japanese finished..... only exams left now...

more party pics usual ;-)

Spanking babysitters...

I never realised how intresting this site really was.. ;-) Did you know that if you search for "pics of babysitters spanking" My site will be the first option to appear ;-P Check it out ;-D

The Reliable Bunny
By Dean Koontz
(Didn't you guys know Dean Koontz writes children's poetry?!)

Pity the Easter bunny
For his job isn't funny.
Carrying a billion eggs
Is so tiring on the legs.
Also a billion baskets!
He blows out all his gaskets
With all the heavy lifting
And so much Easter gifting.
All that chocolate candy
Is really too darn handy.
He nibbles here, nibbles there,
He's a nib-nib-nibbling hare.
Chocolate ducks and chickens -
How fast his waistline thickens!
Easter Eve - he wasn't big.
Now - big as a moose is big!
Bigger than a bear is big!
Bigger, bigger, really BIG!

Monday morning, he must diet,
Eating food that isn't quiet:
Crunchy lettuce, carrots, too.
Now he's feeling really blue.
Chocolate tasted so much better.
But he can't fit in his sweater.
No chocolate now - only clover,
Well, if he can still bend over
To eat the clover so sweet.
He can't even see his feet.
However, in another year,
When Easter again draws near,
He'll once more be slim and swift,
Missing not a single gift.
He can't be slowed by rain or snow.
The bunny simply is a pro.