Thursday, October 23, 2008

We are not terrorists!

Clicking the above will take you to a site collecting signatures of Icelanders declaring themselves not to be the vile terrorists depicted and denounced by Gordon Brown, as well as Brits in favour of ending the hostilities! In the hour or so that I spent perusing the site and the articles it connected to it gained over 2000 signatures.. It seems to be fluctuating at the moment, probably due to bandwidth usage but I recommend it seeing as they also collect photographs reminiscent of the American sorry for Bush signs from for years ago. The gist of the situation as they say on the site above is
On Wednesday October 8th, the British Government invoked anti-terrorist legislation, which was in effect aimed at the people of Iceland. This devastating attack on our society was received with disbelief here in Iceland, where it turned a grave economic situation into a national disaster.

But I recommend these articles (very short don't worry ;-) explaining it far more eloquently than I ever could.
Frozen out, in the Guardian and the Hazards of internet accounts, in the Financial Times.

Monday, October 06, 2008

The Icelandic weather gods

The weather has been remarkably nice to e over the past few days. Fully knowing that I´m only here or a short while, the weather gods have done their utmost to let me experience all that which Iceland has to offer in the shortest possible space of time. Let me elaborate, t was warm and sunny when I arrived, then the following day it got cold a brisk followed by beautiful drifts of christmasy snow. Snow turned to sleet and frozen sidewalks encouraging innovative dance moved as one navigated around town, ice that has now, fortuitously melted away as autumn storms rage over the country reminding one once again why it is exactly that Icelanders laugh at umbrellas...
You have to love to Iceland. Keeps you on your toes and never bored.