Friday, February 28, 2003

Oh bugger just noticed that not only did I write my last blog in Icelandic but it came out all wrong as well :/ apparently there´s been some problems with the icelandic fonts :( the message below points to a blogsite that´s intresting due to the font size changing option...migth come in handy when the screen set up is large ..

Áhugaverð blogsíða fyrir þær sakir að þar er hægt að velja sér að stækka letrið og breyta stafagerðinni að vild ;-) ekki verða hissa ef þið sjáið þetta svo hérna ;-) ég er soddans stelipúki samanber allt á þesari síðu ;Þ

Now to affirm the view most people have of me as the ultimate pervert with the strange sense of humour ;-) Check out this Tara and Willow shipper site :-) (Tara and Willow are characters from Buffy but of course)

I always love these, I´m weird I know... ;-P


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Letter to the Observer Sunday January 26, 2003 written by Terry Jones (monthy Python)
I'm really excited by George Bush's latest reason for bombing Iraq: he's running out of patience. And so am I! For some time now I've been really pissed off with Mr Johnson, who lives a couple of doors down the street.Well, him and Mr Patel, who run the health food shop. They both give me queer looks, and I'm sure Mr Johnson is planning something nasty for me, but so far I haven't been able to discover what.I've been round to his place a few times to see what he's up to, but he's got everything well hidden. That's how devious he is. As for Mr Patel, don't ask me how I know; I just know - from very good sources - that he is, in reality, a Mass Murderer. I have leafleted the street telling them that if we don't act first, he'll pick us off one by one.Some of my neighbours say, if I've got proof, why don't I go to the police?
But that's simply ridiculous. The police will say that they need evidence of a crime with which to charge my neighbours. They'll come up with endless red tape and quibbling about the rights and wrongs of a pre-emptive strike and all the while Mr Johnson will be finalising his plans to do terrible things to me, while Mr Patel will be secretly murdering people.Since I'm the only one in the street with a decent range of automatic firearms, I reckon it's up to me to keep the peace. But until recently that's been a little difficult. Now, however, George W. Bush has made it clear that all I need to do is run out of patience, and then I can wade in and do whatever I want!
And let's face it; Mr Bush's carefully thought-out policy towards Iraq is the only way to bring about international peace and security. The one certain way to stop Muslim fundamentalist suicide bombers targeting the US or the UK is to bomb a few Muslim countries that have never threatened us.
That's why I want to blow up Mr Johnson's garage and kill his wife and children. Strike first! That'll teach him a lesson. Then he'll leave us in peace and stop peering at me in that totally unacceptable way. Mr Bush makes it clear that all he needs to know before bombing Iraq is that Saddam is a really nasty man and that he has weapons of mass destruction - even if no one can find them. I'm certain I've just as much justification for killing Mr Johnson's wife and children as Mr Bush has for bombing Iraq. Mr Bush's long-term aim is to make the world a safer place by eliminating 'rogue states' and 'terrorism'.It's such a clever long-term aim because how can you ever know when you've achieved it?How will Mr Bush know when he's wiped out all terrorists? When every single terrorist is dead? But then a terrorist is only a terrorist once he's committed an act of terror. What about would-be terrorists? These are the ones you really want to eliminate, since most of the known terrorists, being suicide bombers, have already eliminated themselves.Perhaps Mr Bush needs to wipe out everyone who could possibly be a future terrorist? Maybe he can't be sure he's achieved his objective until every Muslim fundamentalist is dead? But then some moderate Muslims might convert to fundamentalism. Maybe the only really safe thing to do would be for Mr Bush to eliminate all Muslims?It's the same in my street. Mr Johnson and Mr Patel are just the tip of the iceberg. There are dozens of other people in the street who I don't like and who - quite frankly - look at me in odd ways. No one will be really safe until I've wiped them all out. My wife says I might be going too far but I tell her I'm simply using the same logic as the President of the United States. That shuts her up.Like Mr Bush, I've run out of patience, and if that's a good enough reason for the President, it's good enough for me. I'm going to give the whole street two weeks - no, 10 days - to come out in the open and hand over all aliens and interplanetary hijackers, galactic outlaws and interstellar terrorist masterminds, and if they don't hand them over nicely and say 'Thank you', I'm going to bomb the entire street to kingdom come.It's just as sane as what George W. Bush is proposing - and, in contrast to what he's intending, my policy will destroy only one street.

Thursday, February 27, 2003

Looking forward to the weekend. I´m popping off to Akureyri..the second largest "city" in Iceland (I think it´s home to about ten thousand people ;-) take part in a computer-usage-in-schools convention. It´s going to be fun :-) As luck would have it Jón Kjartan is playing there this weekend so we´ll be able to hang out and I´ll be able to get into at least one place free ;-Þ...That´s one thing I don´t like about living here, the lack of opportunities, i.e. I can´t go to evening courses, I can´t attend lectures by visiting scholars and I can´t further my studies. This is the part where my father exclaims. "but you still haven´t finished your Ba thesis".. well, but it´s not easy when one is working more than full time, has two kids to take care of by oneself and hasn´t got access to a proper library :/

Just added a list of fellow bloggers, a list of my dayly routine of sites and the cherry on the cake a list of sites on japanese popular culture :-) enjoy ;-)

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Been looking at other blogs here on blogspot and even here my inability to decide upon something and stick with it is apparent. I want a flashy site with loads of gimmicks, but I also want a plain neat site, I´d like to have a theme to my site but I can´t decide upon a theme, so...I´m kind of mixing it all together, buffy/family/insecurites/friends/partying well the whole lot...doesn´t make for a great site but at least my friends know the concoction and have well, um..up until now that is..survived it even at times appreciated it ;-) humm ponder ponder ponder....all this of course whilst I should... be tidying up :Þ Cheers for now

Ahh yes, perhaps I´d better explain the English...well seeing as I´ve come to the conclusion that all the people I know which would be tempted to pass by this here page occasionally are fluent in the english language but somewhat less so is their universal understanding of the Icelandic tounge. Hence I´ve come to the conclusion that in future my oh so very interesting (never you mind) blogs will be written in english :-) Cheers Allison and Callum ;-)

So what´s up.. Had a nice weekend in Reykjavík. Ragnar was there to have his physical and mental evaluation, which is a yearly thing. He did really well on the physical part :) but I´ll have to wait a bit for the report. Then we dropped by my old school, where we met up with the head of the special needs department seeing as he´ll be going there next fall. As luck would have it Inga Lára called me up on saturday and invited me to a series of folklore lectures at the university. Great fun :-) not only to hear the lectures and hence renew my interest in the subject, but also to meet up with all the people, Inga Lára of course, Valdemar, Jón, Kristinn and Rósa :-)

Sunday, February 23, 2003

An intresting Hello kitty page I came accross

Thursday, February 20, 2003

Galadriel, lady of the goldenwoods of Lothlorien
and wife of Lord Celeborn. You have an amazing
ability to see things before they come, though
you cannot always discern things exactly. You
are wise and an amazing source of advise to
those around you.

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Wednesday, February 19, 2003

okei nú er ég alveg hætt að fatta!! mér sýnist að ef maður fer inn á síðuna, prófar einn linkinn eða fer áfram eitthvert, bakkar svo aftur á þessa síðu með back hnappnum að þá komi bakgrunnurinn??????????

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Hummm, enn að reyna að fikta í síðunni :-( næ því ekki af hverju bakgrunnurinn (sem ég tengi á vegna þess að ekki er hægt að vista neitt hérna) virkar ef maður til dæmis copíar html kóðann inn í front page eða dream veawer En virkar ekki á síðunni sjálfri..?????? Ef einhverjir hafa uppástungur endilega stingið þeim að mér ! sem stendur er þetta bara background="html......" hefur einhver betri hugmyndir..? Oh well. Héðan er alltaf það sama að frétta. ég þarf ekki að kvarta yfir aðgerðaleysi þar sem að af verkefnum er gnótt þessa dagana....Er að kenna á tvemur kvöldnámskeiðum sem er fínt, og ég hef virkilega gaman af, en það er þetta með hvað ég er sjaldan heima hjá krökkunum :-( Svo var verið að auka við mig í vinnunni, sem er einnig fínt mál ;-) (ertu að lesa þetta Björgvin ;Þ) nema bara hvað allt kemur alltaf á sama tíma. Allt haustið rólegt, og svo fullt af námskeiðum, árshátíðin og fleira á vorönninni ? Var sem sagt að taka að mér mun stærri skerf af tölvuumsjóninni en ég hef hingað til verið með, spennandi en heldur krefjandi, er einhvernvegin ekki alveg viss um að standa undir væntingum þar.. Svo hef ég umsjón með skólablaðinu er nefnist vit og fer bráðum að koma út :-) stuð en lendir mikið til á helgum vegna tíma árekstra. Vorum hérna meginhlutann af laugardeginum :-) umþb 20 manna hópur :-) Þetta var mjög gaman og krakkarnir eru sífellt að koma mér meir og meir á óvart með getu sinni, áhuga og framkvæmdarsemi :-) Svo enduðum við gamanið með því að panta okkur pizzu áður en heim var haldið. Svo er ég á leið suður á fimmtudaginn, Ragnar Christian þarf sem sagt að fara í þroskamat eins og hann hefur farið í síðastliðin tvö ár um þetta leytið.. Hin árin hefur hann að vísu einnig farið í viku intensíva talþjálfun sem og iðjuþjálfun, en eins og sést á ofansögðu þá er sá möguleiki því miður bara út úr myndinni þessa dagana..(og engin komment um tvo foreldra og allt það!) En ég sem sagt fer suður næstu helgi ;-) jibbí og svo meir að segja er góður möguleiki á að ég fari norður á Akureyri um þar næstu helgi á upplýsingatækni ráðstefnu :D Eina vesenið er þetta með gistingu en því verður reddað einhvernvegin :-) jæja, best að fara að kenna og hætta þessu þrugli :-)

But my obsession has mostly been a lonely one. My smart chick friends will analyze every fragment of "The Bachelorette" with me, but "Buffy" ? No way. By the time my brother gets halfway through reading this column -- if he gets that far -- he'll be composing an e-mail mocking my passion for "BTVS." Even my hip little niece, now 20, dismisses "Buffy" as stupid. The general public seemed to agree with this consensus : Because the show lacked strong ratings and was so expensive to produce, the WB dumped it a couple of years ago, and the network that picked it up, UPN, is the TJ Maxx of television.

So if "BTVS" goes off the air, as predicted, I'll face two voids this spring. Not only will I be deprived of fresh episodes of the show, but I'll also miss my appointments with this strange little community of like-minded freaks I've stumbled into. I'll miss the faceless gang of Buffy worshippers burning up the Internet

góð tilvitnun af .. ;-) There are more of us....

Dýr..börn..? Er einhver munur..SESTU! ...Hlýddu! ;-) atchooo...

What Was Your PastLife?

Karl Urban: you like them tall, dark, sexy and fun.

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er alltof veik fyrir svona prófum ;-)

Find your inner Smurf!

Sunday, February 16, 2003

Hjálp, mikið hefur verið spekúlerað í áframhaldi Buffy nú þegar samningu Sarah rennur út í vor :-/ eftirfarandi viðtal við Marsters hljómar ekki beint uppörvandi :-(..eini ljósi punkturinn yrði Faith and lots of her...

I asked James whether fans waiting for a Buffy-Spike hookup will get any satisfaction before the season (and most likely series) finale in May. "The end of the season will be very romantic," he revealed, "and that's all I can say. For my character and for Buffy. The Buffy-Spike thing is going to end very romantically and very dramatically. That doesn't necessarily mean the characters are going to be together, but it doesn't preclude that either. We're talking about something larger than sex, but it doesn't preclude sex. I don't want to spill the beans. For the first time, I know something that will happen, and I don't want to blow it."

Whatever it is, be warned, Buffy fans : You might not like it. James did say this about the show's big ending : "It's both the coolest thing and the worst idea I've ever heard of. It's the last thing I ever would have thought about doing, but when you say it, it almost seems inevitable. But we're going to piss off people--oh my God ! But we're gonna make them love more."

Hann ætti kannske að íhuga að fara út í pólitík..

Saturday, February 15, 2003

Annars er bara það af mér að segja að ég er á fullu í námskeiðskennslu. Hóf eitt í dag, byrjendarnámskeið í ensku. Gekk bara mjög vel, er alltaf að finna það betur og betur hversu vel kennslan á við mig :-) Það er bara gaman að þessu :-) !Hefði aldrei dottið það í hug fyrir rúmlega fjórum árum..en jæja.. lífið er fullt af óvæntum uppákomum. Annars er ég að velta fyrir mér að svissa yfir í ensku þar sem að það eru jú allir sem ég þekki sem geta talað og skrifað ensku á meðan að ekki eins margir ráða við íslenskuna..þarf aðeins að hugleiða þetta betur...Kannske ;-) ef það eru einhverjir þarna úti sem lesa þetta í raun..þá að gefa mér ykkar álit á tungumáladæminu? (he he ég er að sjálfsögðu bara að athuga hvort ég seí hér ein eða...humm ;-) Já, ég setti inn fullt af myndum frá því um verslunarmannahelgina, á eftir að ákveða hvort að tvær þeirra fái að vera til frambúðar...efa það einhvernevegin ;-) J´ja nóg í bili, smá fikt í viðbót og svo rúmmið....Hei ég fékk eitt Valentínusarkort :-) Frá ungum afar myndarlegum karlkyns einstakling...því miður dregur smá úr spennunni þegar ég hugsa til þess að það eru átta ár þar til hann kemst á lög aldur ;-) en sætt samt :-) Góða nótt frá fiktaranum frá fumbli

Alltaf að uppfæra og fikta meier ;-) er eiginlega búin að gefast upp á xanth síðunni þar sem að af einhverjum undarlegum ástæðum þá virðist hún ekki endurhlaðast hérna heima :-/ ??? me not understand, á meðan að þessi langavitleysa hleðst fínt...? ojæja :-)

Which flock do you follow?

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Ah, Kingly Aragorn. Good choice.
Kingly Aragorn

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Congratulations, you're Ambassador Delenn, member of the grey council and shaper of the universe at large..
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Tuesday, February 04, 2003


which stereotype are you?