Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Colourful Reflection ;-)

I´m such a sucker for reflection shots, love how they make everything seem slightly unreal and magic ;-) as if what we percieve as reality is a mere reflection of the "real" world one only catches a glimpse of if one looks hard.... o.k. so I´ve seriously overdosed on fantasy books in my lifetime ;-D Am just loathe to admit that what we see is all there is... seems like such a simplification, arrogance. Anyways, halfasleep ponderings aside click any of the mini pics below for my collection of reflection shots ;-P

. . .

Monday, February 27, 2006

Just love this video ;-)

Christopher Walken, he of the spiky hairdo, scary eyes and short bit speech, the archetypal evil guy in any movie, is here presenting his lighter side, blowing the dust of his dancing shoes which originally got him into the movie business ;-) Presenting Fatboy Slims´ Weapon of Choice, but first a couple+ of quotes ;-)

"I don't need to be made to look evil. I can do that on my own."

"I make movies that nobody will see. I've made movies that even I have never seen."

"Is typecasting really a problem?"

"My hair was famous before I was"


O.k. now things are getting serious ;-) My friend Jón Kjartan pointedly mentions that I´m becoming a worse blogger than he ;-P
I apologize for the lackage of posting of late, been recuperating after the young folklorist conference last week. Then yesterday we attended the local Thorrablot, organized by the Icelandic society, it is a winter festival marked by the eating of traditional Icelandic foods of old ;-) cue excerpt from an old essay here below ;-)
Vilborg með brennivínið ;-DHad a great time eating fun stuff such as burnt sheeps´ heads, soured sheep testicles, rotten shark, blood pudding and liver sausage, dried fish, sweet turnip mash and smoked lamb (the only thing poor Halldór really eats ;-) by clicking on the pictures of mine and Vilborgs plates you can get a detailed description of each course.
The fancy Icelandic traditional meal ;-) . Hlaðborðið . My plate of Thorrablot food, rather more tame ;-)

All in all a great evening of feasting, singing, listening to drunk Icelanders arguing politics (ok so that was less fun) and then dancing into the night :-D
Ragnar með blóðmörinnI got some of the left overs to take home to the kids which they loved ;-) And amazing as it is they both love the rotten shark which I can´t for the life of me stomach.
My wee strong vikings :-D who happily eat whatever is put in front of them, were amazing this summer in Japan ... can´t believe my luck!

Hópurinn með mér ;-)

Þorri is one of the old Icelandic months. It always begins on a Friday, between the 19th and the 25th of January, and ends on a Saturday between the 18th and 24th of February. The first day of Þorri is called Bóndadagur or "Husband's Day/Farmer's Day", and is dedicated to men. The name Þorri is known from the 12th century, the origin of the word is not certain but speculations have been around linking it to the god Ása Þór (Thor). There is mention of Þorrablót in the literature from the middle ages but no description is given.
“God I wish I were in bed, undressed and had fallen asleep, awoken again and had started eating”

The modern day variation of Þorrablót is thought to derive from a 1950s revival, mostly undertaken by the entrepreneur owner of a restaurant named Naustið. The newspaper clip on the right is an advertisement from them and reads “God I wish I were in bed, undressed and had fallen asleep, awoken again and had started eating”.
A typical Þorrablót takes place at any time during Þorri. The season for it now extends into the following month, Góa, but the feast is then usually dubbed Góugleði. It is advisable to hold it on a Friday or Saturday night, to give the participants time to recover from the effects of overeating and heavy drinking that goes with a good Þorrablót. The form the feast takes is similar everywhere, the indispensable ingredients being the traditional food, some sort of staged entertainment, singing, drinking and dancing.

Shadowplay ;-)

Halldór skuggalegur ;-)
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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Party time ;-)

In order to get babysitting on the Saturday we did an exchange with a mate up the street. Her two wee ones came and stayed on the Friday and then mine went to theirs on Saturday. Incredible how much energy 3 six year olds and one nine year old can have and how difficult it is to get all to fall asleep at the same time ;-) Ragnar, the nine year old, was the first to fall asleep of the lot ;-P
Ellie pointedly mentioned that I should get a bigger apartment in order to have a proper kitchen table...

Monday, February 20, 2006

Elena learnt a new trick on Thursday ;-)

Decided not to post the ones where she fell down ;-)

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

playtime :-D

Totally stole this from Gordon but being the techno geekette that I am I simply couldn´t pass this by ;-D Press here below to send me an audio message :-D If you so wish of course ;-)

Send Me A Message

p.s. I love new gadgets!! Here´s Elenas first attempt enjoy :-D

Rambling pseudo academic contemplations, comments appreciated ;-)

Well quite a lot has happened in the last week, actually in the last few days...
The research MPhil/PhD that I´d thought was out of the picture all-over-a-sudden came through and the Icelandic student loan company bizarrely enough seem to be on the verge of becoming human.

So after a lot of undecided jumping around and throwing thoughts off poor dad and Halldór I´ve decided to go through with this, my main points of contention having been cleared, things like attendance requirements, school fees whilst in Japan and the student loans.
So what remains of indiciveness is…
is this the best option for me? To which I respond (or one version of my schizoid personality) well it is an option and not a bad one at that.

Hey come on, I just got offered a place in a research program, with three specialized supervisors in Japanese folklore, correct me if I´m wrong (Speaking to those of you who know about these things!!) but that can´t be bad?

Pros are …

-Financial problems will be settled and we can focus upon saving for Japan
-I´ll have something to do and aim for and stop wandering around here aimlessly until summer
-I´ll be starting my studies instead of waiting for two years

Cons could be …
-Attendance could be required and seeing as the School´s far away it´s added cost and bother
-I´ve already gotten employment next summer in Icealand, I know I can handle the two seeing as the kids won´t be with me but would they accept that?
-And… I´d kind of fantazised about attending postgraduate studies in the States

Interestingly enough my astrology forecast has been going on about how I should stop focusing on the past and that my financial problems are about to be solved and that it is time to focus on intellectual matters…;-D

Anyways, better get back to writing, have one wee paper to write for a conference next Saturday ;-) Would really like to get your feedback on this here ramblings shards of a post, please?

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines day - Love eternal?

Mayhaps a tad morose an image for such a heartfelt day but at least it´s not pink and it makes you think (hey and it even rhymes ;-)

Had a wonderful day, albeit an expensive and tiring one .. After presenting my loved one with a card of the corny variety, the least corny I could find mind you! And shipping him off to work with a tub of M&S cornflake chocolates I and the kids headed out for a walk. After nearly three hours involving play grounds, cemeteries (hence the photo), wilfully getting lost in Edinburgh and Elena learning how to jump off her bike whilst moving we ended up at the ocean terminal eating pasta and pizza (seeing as the hamburger place is closed) and (very accidentally)found ourselves in the queue for the afternoon screening of Zathura.. ;-P
Anyways, made our way home late afternoon, knackered the lot of us and found flowers and gammon steak awaiting us there :-D Followed by strawberries and pineapple….
Good day good day!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Visions of Denmark ;-) As promised

Friday, February 10, 2006

Crazy Danes ;-)

As we were walking by the seaside, all bundled up in multilayered clothing we came accross this communal bath area that supposedly is only open in Summer, well that sure didn´t seem to stop the Danes as they, one afteranother plunged into the Ice covered sea.... Crazy or..?

Friday fun ;-)

Napped this fun tool of Sarcasmo ;-) It is my blog reduced to Meta-tags, i.e. the most frequent words featured in my blogs (although it seems to me to be based on only the last couple of months or so)
You can try it here

Thursday, February 09, 2006

I´m back ;-) or the return of the ........ (feel free to fill in the blank yourself)

Just came home and found that Ali, Elena’s teddy bear that had been so lovingly tucked in underneath “my” covers as Elena left for school, had turned around and was now lying on er right side.... Hummm so is my paranoid schizophrenia finally kicking in for real ;-)
Makes one wonder though, if an inanimate “thing” is imbued with meaning and sentiments by a whole family, spiritually speaking isn´t it possible for this “thing” to become more? Religious icons hold no power unless people believe in them.... So Ali, whom I carefully moved aside when I got back into bed and unconsciously found myself making kissing noises to at the same time, being respected by the whole family, traveling wherever we go and being accepted as Elena’s main teddy, being this receptacle of affection and respect could it be she’s ceased being a thing?

Ahh the Tuesday morning ponderings...Ooops it´s Wednesday isn´t it? Well that goes to show ;-)

Just spent the last few days in Denmark, well what else can you do when the most expensive part is the trip down to London Stanstead after having found ticket to Denmark for 99 pence!! Went and visited my friend Soffia whom I got to know whilst teaching up northern rural Iceland and who now is finishing her studies in Musical therapy. Promice to post some pics and mayhaps a travel tale tomorrow ;-)
meanwhilst I´ll leave you with this old pic of us from when we last met up in Iceland ;-) Halldór claims I´ve changed considerably ... in a favorable way ;-) (p.s. I´m the one on the far right ;-)

Skvísurnar í den....

Thursday, February 02, 2006

This and that...

Funny how some days one just blurts out endless trivia and can´t wait to blog everything whereas other days nothing really seems to be of the monumental scale to beg attention online... Hence this post is likely to be of the boring “I did that there” variety so bear with me ;-)

As news goes I´ve gotten a job back home (Iceland) next summer, so those of you grieving the lack of photos from Iceland should have your wish fulfilled seeing as I´ll be all alone with little else to occupy me but photography.. I´ve also received what seems to be the final notification that I am indeed going to Japan next autumn, I´m funny that way, it is as if I don´t dare take it for granted that I´ve made it but always need to leave some room for doubt, just enough for me not to aggravate the eternals…
Now all I have to do is get the visas through, apparently it does not come naturally that when you award someone a research grant to study in a far away country that their offspring automatically receive permission to dwell in that same country as their parent, the unmarried partner I can understand but the kids..? Never mind..

Museum tripFelt very proud of myself on Monday, accompanied Elenas class on a class trip to the Scottish museum due to it being the Chinese New year. An extremely good way of reminding myself that I do not wish to teach first or second grade! ;-) Six year olds are lovely, only just not in groups of 30! They thoroughly enjoyed themselves first drawing in the Chinese collection and then transferring the drawings unto great big canvasses and getting busy with the paints…
Museum trip . Museum trip . Museum trip . Museum trip
Those of you with an astute eye might notice how Elenas face seems to be a tad askew… Well the other morning I got woken up by a lovely kiss from the …”elephant girl” after a slight shock and painful prodding off I rushed with her to the emergency dentist here, whom I by the way love! Ten minutes after our arrival she was sitting in the examination chair, twenty minutes later we had an appointment for tooth withdrawal a week later and a bottle of penicillin, none of which I have to pay for!!! Compared to the medical system in Iceland, which we´re constantly being told is one of the best in the world!, The system here is awesome!!!!!!!
Anyways, seems a filling she had done before Christmas didn´t take so the root rotted away leaving this great big infection, so out it goes tomorrow.

Töff með nýja klippinguRagnar finally managed to wheedle out a crew haircut with side stripes of sorts... "the" thing here among young gentemen, interesting how one comes to accept the local norm whereever one is after a while.... When I first came here I thought this look hideous now it is acceptable... Just as well I´m leaving soon otherwise I´m guessing he´ll be wanting white sneakers, hooded tops, a hole in his ear, oh wait he already wants those gaaaaaaaa...!

Oh and I´m also off to Denmark tomorrow, found these tickets for 99p back and forth so without much hesitation decided to go visit my former co teachers from Blönduós who incidentally both live now in Denmark ;-) Should return with some interesting photos, albeit a bit shaken due to the cold I´m told to expect there..

So until next week ;-)

Gamers ;-)

Interesting how they can be so close yet in their own little world... Well at least they´re not fightng ;-)