Friday, September 24, 2004

Hopefully this Ba thesis will finally be over on Tuesday!!!
It´s been a long, arduous and stressful journey, one which I´m extremely ready to put behind me so that I can now concentrate on what lies ahead...!

Friday, September 10, 2004

Envious one...

As you may be aware I spent last winter studying Japanese at the University of Iceland. Well after an excellent year filled with the making of great friendships, better parties and even some modicum of studying we've all parted and gone our separate ways. And now a number of them are off to Japan to study for real, and that's where the envy part comes in !!

Kristofer, Mikael, Gummi and Dori all got accepted into Kansai Gaidai. Arni got accepted into Waseda university and Ester Chan into Wikipeda :-)

All but Arni have active hompages which I promice to follow avidly ;-)

Dori and Kristofer have even been so proliferous as to put up picture sites ;-)
Now I eagerly await Ester Chans news as well as pictures, you hear that Ester ?? !! ??

Well my half an hour at the internet cafe is just about up, so until later :-D

Thursday, September 09, 2004

One Scotland Many cultures

I love this world that my kids are growing up in. Ok I'll admit that there are quite a number of things that I'd gladly change but the biggest major difference from when I was growing up is the internationality of their lives!! When I was ten I vividly remember seeing a Stark black man walking down the main street, and it amazed me. There was no negative predjudice just amazement at seeing something so completely new. Iceland back then was predominantly populated by white protestants... and that was it..
My kids however have had the experience of living in a community where everyone is the same, no matter the colour of their skin. And it amazes me how oblivious they are to skin colour ! My daughter happily assumes that the old lady hugging the asian boy is his grandmother although she is black. And I love it.
They don't see skin colour as a classification at all, merely another descriptive term like dark hair or blonde. I'm still suffering from the difficulty of not knowing where to look or how to act because I don't want to appear to have predjuces !! But my kids Aren't even aware that there is anything to worry about!

In unrelated news ;-) The kids had a go at the local Judo school the other day and they both loved. I was personally amazed at Elena. Being there in this class filled with 10-13 year olds busily wrestling each other she was completely undaunted and kept her own in the excerzises! So we're going again today, only today they'll both be in a class with their own age group :-D