Saturday, April 30, 2005

So long and thanks for all the fish.

Nice family day ;-) Got my tax refund today so off we trotted, well took two buses, to Fort Kinnaird and in the manner of a true Brit bought the kids each a bicycle in Toys-r-us ;-)
I love it when I can do these things, though admittedly not often I just spent so long not being able to afford anything for them and now, being a lowly student on mere student loans I actually lead a better life financially than when I worked two and three jobs, aside from all the time I have to spend with them...
After a good look around Borders, the large bookstore (a scifi mag for me, Maya book for Halldór, a mummy book for Ragnar and a nursery rhyme interactive thingie for Elena ;-) we ... in an extremely accidental way of pure coincidence found ourselves in front of the cinema that just happened to be showing The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy :-D
Needless to say we only just returned home with a very tired and puzzled daugther asking questions about the relevance of flying whales to space ships, an extremly enthusiastic son wanting to know exactly what 42 stands for, a partner with a great big grin of contentment on his face and me.. well I´m me, I´m blogging it ;-P

Must admit to sacrilege though (don´t kill me Svava, Steini, Kjartan and more) I hadn´t actually read the whole thing, ever... It´s one of those things, I´ve never gotten through listening to the whole of the bbc radio series either :-/ Since I´m confessing here, I should add that I´ve never liked the discworld series (can´t finish a whole book), haven´t finished the Lord of the Rings (own the dvds, read the Hobbit at age 6, but never liked the LOTR..?)

So going to see the movie I hoped for the best but had my reservations... Well, I thought it silly, didn´t understand all the refrences, finally understood a "lot" of refrences from friends and didn´t like the main acctress....

I did however near constantly chuckle and my overbearing movie theatre laughter rung out a number of times, so yes, I definitely reccommend the movie :-D Best bits, don´t think, blue whale thougts, the design of the ship, the super computer and dear dear Marvin :-D
Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the Western Spiral arm of the Galaxy lies a small unregarded yellow sun. Orbiting this at a distance of roughly ninety-eight million miles is an utterly insignificant little blue-green planet whose ape-descended life forms are so amazingly primitive that they still think digital watches are a pretty neat idea.

This planet has—or rather had—a problem, which was this: most of the people on it were unhappy for pretty much of the time. Many solutions were suggested for this problem, but most of these were largely concerned with the movements of small green pieces of paper, which is odd because on the whole it wasn't the small green pieces of paper that were unhappy.

And so the problem remained; lots of the people were mean, and most of them were miserable, even the ones with digital watches.

Many were increasingly of the opinion that they'd all made a big mistake in coming down from the trees in the first place. And some said that even the trees had been a bad move, and that no one should ever have left the oceans.

And then, one Thursday, nearly two thousand years after one man had been nailed to a tree for saying how great it would be to be nice to people for a change, a girl sitting on her own in a small café in Rickmansworth suddenly realized what it was that had been going wrong all this time, and she finally knew how the world could be made a good and happy place. This time it was right, it would work, and no one would have to get nailed to anything.

Sadly, however, before she could get to a phone to tell anyone about it, a terrible, stupid catastrophe occurred, and the idea was lost forever.

This is not her story.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Kids, Dr Who, Buffy and deep dark secrets :-D

Metup with Ragna and her care today :-D A nice walk and a wander, inevitably, of course, ending at a pub before we each had to run of to fetch kids from school...

I wonder what was life like before kids and responsibilities???

Irritating, I just started to get really enthusiastic about the new Dr Who series when the main actor Christopher Eccleston announces he´s not going to reprise the role for another season. Hrumph! and he was such a good who too!!
All irreverent, childish, intelligent and abstract :-D According to the bbc cult site David Tennent will take on the role ... hum we´ll have to see.... He does admittedly have old Harry Potter to his name so....

Oh and I did the naughties today *blush* *grin*......
I went and got me season three of Buffy ;-P Now all that remains is to get season 5 :-D For some strange reason Halldór was not surpriced ;-) Can´t believe how patient he is with me about these things ..... not used to this, he even incourages my sci fi interests, photography and reading :-D he he...

I´ve been following this site here for a while, it´s bizzarre yet intriguing and very very human. It is a collection of postcards people have sent in, all featuring a secret of somesorts...... Peaplo have the most strange and the most familiar secrets ;-) Me being the sap that I am actually have my throat start clenching over some of them, even though I´m aware it might of course all be a hoax...
Thoroughly reccommend it ....

Blue tooth monster :-D

Blue tooth monster :-D
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Thursday, April 28, 2005

he he must have been the trench coat ;-)

Take the Which Character Am I? Quiz

Beauty below north bridge

Beauty below north bridge
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Sheffield, BuffySpeak, Graffiti, Folklore studies and vanity ;-)

I´m still alive, had an extremely long day yesterday starting at 3:30 in order for me to put the finishing touches on one of my presentations (can anyone say pro-crasti-nation?) and was on the train to Sheffield by 6.

Well I managed to bring off both presentations, the graffiti one I know he liked, if their comments, questions and compliments are anything to go by. I had tons of photos in a powerp presentation taken all over Edinburgh as well as Edinburgh loos and it was suggested that I give this presentation at a postgraduate conference in the end of May, so Yay ;-)

The Buffy one didn´t go down quite so well, the guys liked it and had plenty of questions and comments, compliments on the use of statistics and so forth, Malcolm (the professor) on the other hand seemed baffled and I had to further emphazise the importance of fan community studies on the field of modern folkloristics. I think that was the thing (I hope anyway) that it had absolutely no refrences to anything in the 16th century and hence he had difficulty relating...

I find that most folklorists tend to be rooted in the past and tend to eye the popular culture/film/literature approach with certain amount of scepticism, that having been said I have also recieved a lot of encouragement from scholars who have stressed the importance of folkloristics keeping it´s contact with the present as well as how the strength of the field of folklore lies precisely in the width of the subject....

Anyways made it home around midnight, spandered on a taxi from the station and all, thoroughly drained of all energy but rather happy with how the day had gone :-D

Monday, April 25, 2005

Latrinalia in Ladies Loos along Leith Walk

Take one

My ethnorgaphical survey of latrinalia was a miserable failure, well at least the first half of it.

I had given myself set parameters and a well demarkated area so as to not take on too much but had failed to do a preliminary study and found that the material I had intended to study didn´t lend itself well to study seeing as it wasn´t actully there.

My aim had been to look at Latrinalia in Ladies Loos along Leith Walk, lots of l´s, but after dragging my kids along the whole of Leitth walk to wait outside pubs whilst mum went in and caused jovial responses to her bizzarre request of being allowed to photograph the loo, I found, much to my dismay that of the 24 pubs there only one had one minor scribbling.

I was met with remarkable understanding and actually enthusiasm from from pub owners and patrons, and to my surprice the pubs I had been the most nervous about entering turned out to be where I got the nicest responses, and admittedly the most attention by patrons.
Only in one case did I meet with rejection along Leith Walk and altough I´ll not name the pub it struck me very intresting that it was one of the finer pubs where I was adamantly refused entrance to the loos and where the keeper vehemently denied there being any scribblings nor graffiti in “their” loos.

This negative view of latrinalia was prevalent with many pub owners proudly saying that their loos had no such thing, as indeed upon inspection, they didn´t.

Which lead to Take two

In my second sweep I decided to go towards the center of Edinburgh and focus on the pubs surrounding the university of Edinburgh. After seventeen pubs, numerous pointers and not a single scribbling I began to loose heart, could it be that the ladies that frequent the pubs of Edinburgh had no dire urges to write comments and notes of wisdom on the walls.

Admittedly it was obvious that the walling in the loos was very easy to clean and I neglected to ask any proprietor whether they deliberatly kept cleaning away these treasures of folklore I so desperately sought. But judging from how so many of the pub owner proudly said “we don´t have any” it would seem to indicate that it isn´t a problem for them....following that comment I often got the follow up “ but if the mess in the mens bathrooms in so and so pub is anything to go by I´m sure you´ll find some there”.

For future refrence I will make sure to make a preliminary sweep in order to ascertain that the material I am intending to study actually does exist before handing in my set parametres to my tutor :-D

And finally Take three

This time, getting rather desperate, I decided to open up the search query to include just about any loo I came accross. Again public loos in malls and train stations had very shiny surfaces and were very well cleaned, only occasionally did I come accross what seemed like remnants, scratchings that had been painted over.

Then I finally struck gold. Desolately making my way up the stairs towards the castle I happened accross an unsupervised public bathroom where I came stumbled upon an incredible wealth of latrinalia.

The latrinalia in question was mainly of the “Hello my name is .... and I was here” with the occasional “So and so loves so and so” intersperced.


Then as I was browsing around Waterstones for books on the aforementioned subject I needed per happenstance to make use of their lavatories, and lo and behold, it was coated with scribblings. So....

In Conclusion

It would seem that people who write on loo stall walls are people who like reading and visiting cultural places.

Were I to continue with this research I would from the data as well as the experiences gathered here, start off with looking at cafes, inside tourist facilities and judging from the wealth of scribblings on the university library desks the loos there as well..

Anyways, better get back to writing the actual presentation ;-)

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Another flower picture..

My fave
Originally uploaded by Gunnella.

This is currently my screens desktop image, ok so it´s a little bit pink and flowery for me, but the colours and the brightness were just so well capured in this shot :-D And hey, it´s summer after all!

p.s. if you want a larger version of any picture you merely follow the link to flickr by clicking on the image, then from the options above the image chose "all sizes" and then just chose whatever version you´d like....

Buggled rambles of the verbose type..

I´m a small hiccupy fountain. Bursting with spouts of intermittent blurts of cognitive writing but not the continuous melodious flow of words that indicates that writing is coming naturally.

Why is it that I sit here incabable of writing what I should be writing yet my brain is obviously in a high gear seeing as I´m brimming to the point of bursting with useless verbosity.

Bleh, why is it that even when one knows the material through and through, knows what one wants to say and actually the intended point to which to arrive that still getting all the pieces of the puzzle together in one coherent rambling is so incredibly difficult??

o.k. I am an obtuse hiccupy fountain, a giggling one, giggling with exasperation, slight desperation and a good dosage doublevisualisation...

Admittedly I have over 2500 words of interemitted blurts and sentences out of context so technically all I need to do now is pour some glue over the whole stuff to add some cohesion.....uhu?

Anyways, back to my oogly-booglies, cheerios my beloved ones...
cue; maniacal laughter dying out in the distance......

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Marvellously Sunny Weather

Sunny weather
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Why is it that every single time one REALLY has to get down to studying (due to an overdose of procrastination in the days preceding ;-) That the weather turns absolutely perfect?!
He/She up there has a wry and slightly nasty sense of humour methinks! :-D


My appreciation for music began with the beatles, moved over to Lois Armstrong, through Bubbi (used to be an Icelandic rebel rocker troubadour) and then Queen took over. This is all by the age of ten Ok I have to admit that in there were also Wham and Aha but following them I went for the golden oldies and Heavy metal/steelhouse rock. Nowadays I listen mainly to rock of all orientation, from the softest to the heavyest. And why this bothersome rant you may ask and rightly so!! well the truth is out ...

My son loves Britney Spears...

Come on Britney Spears!?!, and in loving her I mean he actually loves her music !! Where did his genetic makeup go all awry? Elena is a ...well admittedly a little pink ballerina bully with the strength to hold down a ten year old, but still all pink and fluffy and.....

o.k. I think just give up now.... at least it´s obvious I´m letting them grow up their way..a consolation of sorts

Pope Benedict XVI

A collection of cartoons dwelling on the subject of the new pope, all very pc though .... Unfortunately my computer froze on me when I had the cartoons compairing him to the sith uber lord.. :-( Alas... Will try to find them again!
post note; there seem to have been a number of people noting the similarities so although it´s not the cartoon I intended here´s one example of the Star Wars simily

Amazingly stunning!!

The Earth from Above
These images never cease to amaze me, I have the big book, kindly given to me by my co teachers in Blönduós, and leaving through it one always discovers something new, something fantastically beautyful!!

Friday, April 22, 2005

:-D Gleðilegt Sumar

The gentlemen :-D Yummy, birthday cake The ladies :-D

Thank you all for the warm birthday wishes :-D
Elena eating sushi and battling the chopsticksTo celebrate we went to a great "all you can eat" buffet that catered to each ones desires (know any other five year olds that choose to eat sushi? and generally had a great time :-D

Ragnar gave his mum a dragon book :-DThen Ragnar went and hung around a group of old ladies celebrating the birthday of one of them, and got offered a slice of cake, which "of course" led to Elena gazing longingly before also being offered a slice, upon which she pointedly declared that it was also "My" birthday resulting in me getting a slice as well ;-P One thing I can say about them is that they´re not shy, the little smarmies! :-P

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

It´s that time of year again ;-) Time for me to go me, me me and me :-D Happy Birthday to Me, happy birthda.......o.k.o.k.

Gunnella 74

Thirty two years have passed since that fateful night in the small town of Sauðárkrókur in northern Iceland... Omens abounded on that stormy day as both the priest and the doctor (yes the singular) were called away from the confirmation being held in the little country church by the sea to assist a young woman in labour. The daughter of the local goldsmith had gone and married an Englishman and soon the ... o.k. enough of this ;-P

stgeorges me, 1987?Thought I´d take a short trip down memory lane this time round, making use of what few photos I have with me here in Edinburgh or can find on old websites online. Browse the changes in me....
So above we obviously have Baby me, probably at around one year old seeing as I´ve gained some weight there (was born tiny, an alien looking sceleton with large eyes ;-)
Then we have teenage me, along with a mullet, braces, glasses with the requisite cellotape, the skinniest legs around and a grown mans appetite ;-P Stop grinning! Can anyone say "Geek" ;-p ? I knew basic programming, collected stamps and was the most avid "bravo" collector around... Yup, me the English speaking Icelander in Italy read a German pop culture magazine :-D
Gunnella 89The third image was taken by Kjartan my live in boyfriend at the time, the time being 16 ... By that time I´d gone all rock chick and thought (of course) that tight black jeans, heavy metal t-shirt (with the sleeves rolled up), Cowboy style boots and a short bikers jacket was the penultimate in Cool :-D

Yikes we´re only at 3 and just look at the quality of the pictures, the surroundings in number three, the fact that my getup has already come back into fashion!! I´m of the precomputer generation, when there was only one tv channel in Iceland, which didn´t show anything on thursdays and in July ;-P
Family 1994 ME and Steini 1997 Wedding 97 Me an Elena 1999
o.k. lets see,
no 1, a family gathering in ´94, yup those are curls of the lamb variety ;-)
2, Me and my brother in ´97 just before my marriage...I´m the one with no beard.
3, A wedding photo, included not as a remnant of the institution ;-) but because I thought I looked really good all done up for once..
4, This was taken by my friend Alison just after Elena was born and we´d just moved up north to the farmhouse....bizarre yet a good experience in retrospect.

Moving the mouse over the other images will give you the date of each one, I think I´ll let that do for intro ;-) So as not to bore you witless with my lengthy yet incredibly witty reparte .. ;-P
Japan 1998 smiiling 2002 Mamma og Ragnar að bátast 2005

For every girl

For every girl
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Tuesday, April 19, 2005


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Do I ?

On a deeper note, an introspective analysis of how popular culture affects our belief system as well as ponderings upon ethnoculturecentricity when "saving" religiously oppressed people...What´s the difference between the "rightness" of the missionaries of old and the "rightness" of fighting customs in far away cultures..?

or simply put "Kewl Stencil Art" !

Awwww :-D

Sunday, April 17, 2005

My split personalities ;-)

Was trying to get a good face picture of myself for the facial transformer (specimen a to the left) when I noticed just how assymetrical my face is!
So I went and made one face with just the left half of my face and vice versa. Just to see exactly how big a difference there was and wow !! I knew all people are assymmetrical but I hadn´t realised just how much it is...
The left image is somewhat contradictorily (ha ha new word) the right side of my face and the image on the right my left side...

weird how much difference there is ... The right side looks so much sharper, has more slanted eyes and a sharper chin whereas the left side looks dowdy :-/

I had great fun though in the face transformer ;-) Which I found via First I up and gave Halldór a makeover ;-P I have to say that the asian version of him is by far my favorite ;-P

Then I went and did the whole hoopla to my face and well...

I really liked the Mucha (lower centre) and the asian version isn´t too bad ;-) The male version looks strangely familiar somehow (lower left hand side), old me is ugly and the african me is cute ;-P

What do you think?

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Smile :-D

Smile :-D
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Deep fried Mars Bars

Deep fried Mars Bars
Originally uploaded by Gunnella.

Believe it or not this is one of the scottish delicasies ;-) Along with deepfried pizza this is apparently one of those things one "has" to try before leaving ;-P Dunno...
I have however had the haggis, both blood pudding as well as the corny one with raisins ;-) not such a big hardship being an Icelander used to both from home ;-P

Ya´all been hanging much?

Yay, fingers crossed and knock on wood, head was acceptable today so I actually got some work done ;-) Thank you for your concern, and sorry for posting that horrid photo of the migraine with me.
Admittedly me frantically working on my presentation involved chockolate, me in bed and pillows stuffed behind my back sorting through and reading an assortement of articles on Buffy studies...So fairly laid back ;-P

At least I´ve set my aim on this project which is a grand step forward (and just as well as I have to present it on Tuesday). I´m looking at language as a means of defining a group, a folk if you will. Don´t really dare go into heavy linguistics due to one of the group being a linguologist ;-) but will be adressing things like the "leet speak" of Mega Tokyo fame, Buffy speak and then social representations like posting boards, conventions and meetups. So at the moment I´m all Buffied up with phrases and quotes...

Well I´m right wigged and all ranty, so I´d best go search for more clueage before I go all postal on ya ;-P

However seeing as I´m sitting in the livingroom, all cosy next to Halldór, who´s practicing with his drawing board on the lap top, in front of the tv and seeing as American Idol is just about to start... well I somehow doubt any major studying will get done this evening ;-P Isn´t technology wonderful (and aren´t I just the perfectest little procrastinator)?

Ok, my views on todays Idol.. (like I can afford to talk ;-P )

O.k. so I might be a little biased being a rocker and all, but I thought Constantine rocked with his rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody, he made it his own, didn´t try to copy Freddie, chose parts he could handle with pizzass and really made the song his own. Major Kewlness going on ;-)

The other rocker, Bo, not so much cool ;-) lacked power but he still has the strongest stage presence of the lot..

Anwar did well, love his voice :-D And Nadia was lovely, but very much bacground music.

Paul Mcartney copycat completely lost it, Federov ! Don´t try for a song if you haven´t got anything to bring to it. Trying to copy the original and just fails miserably....

Vonzell did well with Footloose´s "let´s hear it for my man" funny though that it was the tops when she was born..makes me feel nearly old ;-P

guy Scott :-Þ Don´t like his attitude and find his voice mediocre at best. But it was fun to see Hall and Oates again ;-P

Carrie Country girl, "love is a battlefield" I loves !! She´s somewhat lacking in stage presence but what a voice, I love it! :-D

Examples of Buffy Speak...

+age: Almost any word can have the ending "age" tacked onto the end of it.
EXAMPLES: "Thus freeing us up for world savage."
"Willow kissage!"
"Any sparkage?"

Nouning: Turning words from adjatives into nouns.
EXAMPLES: "Love makes you do the wacky!"
"Stop with the cryptic, you're scaring me!"
"It gives me a happy!"

People: Use people (or fictional characters) who have specific personality traits to point out these traits in others.
EXAMPLES: "I can't believe you, of all people, are trying to Scully me!"
"My eyes are hazel, Helen Keller."
"Calm may work for Locutus of Borg here, but I'm
freaked out and I intend to stay that way!"

Wake up and smell the ...: Most effective when referring to dating.
EXAMPLES: "You can't spend the rest of your life waiting for Xander
to wake up and smell the hottie!"
"Wake up and smell the seduction!"

... much?: Use this to insult/point out problems people are having.
EXAMPLES: "Okay, overidentify much?"
"Pathetic much?"

Changing endings: Changing the endings on a word has interesting results.
EXAMPLES: Giles: Punishing yourself like this is pointless. Buffy:
it's entirely pointy!
"This could be mathier!"

Breaking words: Similar results can be had by breaking words into pieces.
EXAMPLES: Giles: I'm quite flummoxed. Buffy: What's the flum?
Buffy: How do you get to be renowned? I mean like,
do you have to be nowned first? Willow: Yes, first
there is the painful nowning process.

NOTE: This is one of the few aspects of Slayer-speak wich Giles uses.
EXAMPLES: "Just because the paranormal is more normal and less
para of late, that is no excuse for tardiness or
letting down your gaurd!"
"Buffy, I believe the subtext here is rapidly be coming
uh ... text."

Wig: Use this word instead of freaking, crazy, or scared. Conjucations
include wiggins, wiggy, and maxi-wig.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I hate Migraines !!

Yet another day lost to this debilitating stuff, where ones strongest urge is to go and cut ones head off in the feeble hope to alleviate it some..

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

How I´m completely without Goth ;-P

Why oh why is blogger being so incredibly annoying?!? Absolutely nothing seems to be working, I can´t post, I can´t even comment....
Oh well I guess I´m getting what I´m paying for ;-P

Well it´s official now. Callum had the final say on the question of wether I posess goth qualities or not. (see befuddling "who am I post") It all boils down to an international event, or rather a European one ;-D The Eurovision Song Contest..... It´s one of those things I have to see each year and I´d love to have dvds of the foregone competitions :-d So am I weird or am I weird? It´s just this amazing collection of kitchness totally unrivalled by anything! And watching old competitions, for instance ´89 ;-P takes one back to a place that really aught to be forgotten, oh and buried :-D

Apparently the Danes seem to think that Iceland might win this year..*puzzled frown* after watching the video, and of course listening to the song! Hrumph I can´t see how ?!?

Eurovision is a funny thing in Iceland. It´s kind of a major cultural event every year even though neraly everyone claims to despise it ;-) There are Eurovision Parties everywhere and walking through the streets of Reykjavík during the counting of the votes one meetw fewer people than on Christmas night (o.k. no comments on what it makes me...walking by myself at those times ;-) If you want a peek at what Iceland has actually submitted to the competition then go here and in the top bar click "Íslensku evróvisjónlögin" oh and incidentally if you do, note the funny jewellery on contestant from 1987, "Hægt og Hljótt".. My grandad designed it :-D

And the win, oh yes every year there is a bog hoolaha regarding how we´re sure to win this year and what would we do were that to happen.... The newspapers run articles on all the arrangements that would have to be done, that we can´t afford it with the economy as it is but that all the guests would be a boon for the tourist industry ;-) all in all a very heated subject :-D

Hey look what Jhonny Logan did for Ireland ;-P !

Browsing through the videos it strikes me that yet again, every single country seems to have gone out of their way to copy last years winners ;-P There is this arabic/eastern european lilt and beat to most of the songs, Iceland being no exception there... Oh and this year they have t-shirts and the possibility of preordering the dvd ;-P

Up up and away...

Up up and away
Originally uploaded by Gunnella.

Monday, April 11, 2005

My South Park Cameo ....

So here I am, a beer in hand, about to take over the universe (again) and ordering childrens action and excercise books on japan and japanese on Amazon... Honest, nothing for me this time round !! blink blink

Nearly forgot, clicking on pretty little me in my Southpark guise will take you to the make your own southpar character site ;-P Enjoy!

Via the hot Librarian and Favorable Dicta :-D

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Melancholy..according to the OED

Melancholy... A strange word, wonder where it originates? According to the Oxford English Dictionary..

1. Ill-temper, sullenness, brooding, anger. Obs. Associated in medieval physiology with an excess of black bile in the body. See sense 2.
2. a. Black bile, one of the four chief fluids or cardinal humours recognized by ancient and medieval physiologists (see HUMOUR n. 2b). Formerly also called choler adust. Now hist.
b. Med. Originally: a pathological condition thought to result from an excess of black bile in the body, characterized in early references by sullenness, ill-temper, brooding, causeless anger, and unsociability, and later by despondency and sadness. Later: severe depression, melancholia. Now arch. and hist.
From the 17th cent. onwards the word was used in its later sense without etiological implications. In some quots. it is difficult to tell whether this sense or one of the associated symptoms (see senses 1 and 3a) is intended; cf. quot. 1859 at sense 3a.
3. a. Sadness, dejection, esp. of a pensive nature; gloominess; pensiveness or introspection; an inclination or tendency to this. Also: perturbation (obs.). As with sense 1, regarded in medieval physiology as a symptom of an excess of black bile in the body. See sense 2. In the Elizabethan period, and for some centuries thereafter, the affectation of melancholy was a fashionable mark of intellectual or aesthetic refinement. Cf. sense 3d.
d. Tender, sentimental, or reflective sadness; sadness giving rise to or considered as a subject for poetry, sentimental reflection, etc., or as a source of aesthetic pleasure.

Wow, didn´t know about the bile part... I think I actually managed to get out of my introspective, pensive, glomy sentimental reflection by looking it up. Was looking at my Exes "sons´" homepage. Strange how that could cause me to feel that way.. It´s not like I´m jealous or would want him back or anything, there is more a feeling of time lost, sadness at rejection and compiled hurt mixed with major vexation at how he´s treated his kids since the divorce. I felt incredibly hurt and dejected when he "broke up with me" but somehow the fact that he had a new lady friend a week later didn´t bother me overly, I knew we were all wrong for each other. But what really hurt was how I was willing to try and work on things, espescially seeing as I believed marriage meant just that, and primarily because of how he seemed to just divorce the kids as easily as he did me...

To make a long story short he didn´t visit them, made promices of having them over and then moved away, oh and he once reported me to the child welfare authorities because I finally stood up to him and refused to pay a loan we´d taken whilst been married by myself. Needless to say that went through quickly enough, one visit to the social office, a couple of phonecalls and I was in the clear with no file made. But it scared me shitless!! To imagine that someone would acually do such a thing, threaten to take my children away from me by claiming me to be a bad mother.. What was so weird as well was the sheer stupidity of it, he claimed I didn´t look well enough after them, wouldn´t a good father then a) take them on a regular basis and b) perhaps buy them some clothes or things once in a while???? And what would he have done had I been declared unfit?? He´s a sailor he would never have taken them himself, he´d have had his mother look after them!!

So why do I do this to myself? I´m happy now ! I´m appreciated for what I am, noone is trying to change me in any way (he didn´t like me reading, taking photos, being online or watching tv..anything that makes me me) and I´m blossoming in my own opinion. I´m going further with my studies than I´d ever have imagined, I´m loving my new camera, I´m living abroad :-D and most of all the kids are blossoming and quite obviously happy !!

But somehow it smarts that the man that won´t pay half of the kids airline tickets to go visit him, the man that phones the kids perhaps once a month, went out to sea the day I returned home from the hospital with both babies is now this ultra attentive caring dad to his fathered son (she was pregnant when they started dating)...
I´m being silly I´m well aware of that, but unfortunately there is regret, regret that I gave so much to someone that appreciated it so little.. Hey I, the city girl, moved with him to a farm in the middle of nowhere to try to make things work... I regret how much I adapted to suit him, how I became closer to what he wanted instead of being myself.. and *grin* I regret getting all melancholy for no reason ;-P

Even though I take great care never to speak badly of him in front of the kids and make sure they get their month or more with their father every year I´m perfectly aware that the kids are far better off having the little contact with him he himself set the target for...

He he, for a funny point, you´ve heard of the Icelandic genetic database right? well they´ve set up a searchable database for the geneologically mad Icelanders to trace their roots compaired to other Icelanders. Now most Icelanders are related to the seventh degree, *stop snorting* ;-P But I found to my surprice that me and my ex are realted in a funny way, whereas 8 generations have passed on my side, only 4 have passed on his. This is due to me being the eldest of the eldest of the eldest and so on, but it did kind of put things in perspective for me. Catch my drift..? Eeeevil I know but there is a strange sense of truth here, his family is very old fashioned....and in retrospect he was very much threatened by me..

O.k. enough introspection and blatand blabbering...Alias season 1 awaits ;-P
Funny how one sometimes needs a good rant to clear the air....

Memorable moment ;-)

On the left here I´ve put a zipped videoclip courtesy of this sites´here Multimedia page ;-) It´s a classic, the first glimpses of Willows alter ego :-D And a definite indication of lesbian things to come ....
If you do perchance decide to go have a browse by then I reccommed the Wicked Humour link ;-P Wicked indeed.

Sorry, been reading tons of articles on Buffy in the past week so am kinda over...well lets say filled to the rafters with Buffy info ... Hence the clip ;-)

Saturday, April 09, 2005

My Astral Truths Revealed ;-P

Yay :-D Someone actually went and read my astral chart below for me :-D This certain someone is Mikhail Tchudin of Coffee House fame. Reading through it it seems remarkably accurate ;-) What do you think guys?


it took me a while to get to actually typing some of the things I fished out of your chart. :-)

First off, the program/site you used miscalculated some very important stuff, like the Ascendant, if you know what I am talking about..

It looks like you are an outgoing person who's got a lot of friends, and it is very likely that you are already happily married or, if not, you will be. What helps you with that is your openness and friendliness. However, friendship is not what your life revolves around. The true focus is love life and general creativity. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it is a rare occasion that you don't have a boyfriend or at least someone you go out with. And you can be quite manipulative when trying to the man you want. No one would call you guileless, that's for sure...

If your time of birth correct (!) and I got the chart correctly, you may have had a baby at the age of around 23, or possibly a miscarriage. However, my problem here is that I have no info for Iceland as far as summer/winter time shift, etc. This really blurs timing of events and even your personality trait become less certain.

Another thing I'd like to note is that you can be a great astrologer! You've got a great feel for what others just fail to see or understand. Quite often you are able to sense the outcome of a project when it just started. Learn astrology is my advice! =)) Trust me, you'll be good at it!

So I´m Somewhat normal am I ?

You Are 55% Normal
(Somewhat Normal)

While some of your behavior is quite normal...
Other things you do are downright strange
You've got a little of your freak going on
But you mostly keep your weirdness to yourself