Sunday, August 31, 2003

New pictures!!!

Don´t start asking me how I managed to get these two beautiful extremely blond children.. ;-)
I personally haven´t the slightest clue.. just appreciate it ;-)

Just watched Velvet, it´s strong! Love the oscar Wilde..Dorian Grey empowered charisma and the following emptyness thing.....
Ewan is simply amazing ... the oily, leather pants, fire scene ;-P the roof after sex scene and the mournfulness at the end in the pub...
Christian Bale, having already risen in my view after the dragon movie has risen even further...

And Jonathan Rhys-Meyers .. first of all I´d never have recognized him as the same guy as the heartthrob of Bend it like Beckham ;-)

Feeling bored ..? If you´re at work I can´t blame you, so unless you´re a hairstylist have a browse by here and try your hand at designing various hairstyles... things like these show us what the internet was really invented for ;-)

Having sex withoneself doesn´t have to be difficult nor complicated, but, if that´s what you´re looking for then this is the site for you !!

Saturday, August 30, 2003

There is no spoon

Had a most excellent day !! :-) Started off by getting the kids off to school then gallopping off to school myself... There I planted myself upstairs in the nearly deserted social science building and managed to write a page in my thesis.... And then the first day of JAPANESE :-) more to come later ... have to run to the bank now...

By the way doesn´t my comment system work or am I not worthy of your comments ;-)

Friday, August 29, 2003

A set of Amazing posters questioning world politic climate.. !

So this is your first aids? right?

Does this seem slightly fucked up to anyone else ?? :-/

An Italian policeman saved the life of a woman who was committing suicide online, by coaxing enough personal details out of her to direct emergency services to her home. The 41-year-old woman announced in an internet chatroom that she was going to kill herself, Italy's official news agency Ansa said.
She then began swallowing tablets to the horror of fellow chatters, who could see the suicide attempt unfolding via a webcam. Policeman Massimo Turbacci kept her talking online, coaxing out her mobile telephone number, which led authorities to her home address - in the town of Aversa, just outside Naples.
An ambulance raced to the house and took her to hospital where she is now out of danger.

Thursday, August 28, 2003

I´ve just added a Babel translator to my site.. Wow, I am fully aware that I´m one of the most easily impressed persons in the world but still wow, ;) giggle I´m reading my page in Japanese...... :-D

humm how completely devoid of any coolness am I ;-)

Emma Nicole 14.05.03

Mom, can I keep it, or perhaps get one just like it .. pleeease .... she is the cutest...

So weird hearing of your friends children for the first time when you are literally wasting time on the web ..... yikes.... She´s gorgeous.. I wish I could afford a trip over there !!!

Hey I know her ;-)

Aslaug Hognadottir was recognized as one of five Outstanding International Students by the UF College of Agricultural and Life Sciences in 2003.
Hognadottir is a Ph.D. student in food science studying with Dr. Russell Rouseff, Professor of Food Science at CREC. She is working on improving the flavor quality of citrus juices by utilizing instrumental and sensory analyses.
Hognadottir, a native of Iceland, is also a recipient of the Hunt Brothers Fellowship. She was awarded the American Chemical Society’s Withycombe Fellowship for superior scholarship in 2001 and was a teaching assistant for the graduate Flavor Chemistry and Technology course, taught by Rouseff, in Spring 2002 at CREC.

This started me off on a "where are they now mission" ;-) Nanna, Viddi, Huld, Elias and Max are in Virginia Beach,
It would seem I missed a minor detail there, like the birth of a daughter !!!! :-D

Yoshi the vampire slayer !!! read it and weep ;-)
nearly beats Beta and mine Buffy the vampirelaying cow ;-P

Hér sit ég og blogga ?egar ég ? a? vera a? l?ra ... ?ps wrong language ... here I sit blogging away when I should be writing that darned Ba thesis :-/ Top of the new caught my eye today, apparently Iceland holds the world record in marble playing ... have I lost my marbles or are just everyone else playing with theirs..? I can relate to nanna (sorry folks in Icelandic) when she says ..

Einhvern t?ma ? s?lr?kum vordegi fyrir ??nokkrum ?rum heyr?i ég vi?tal ? ?tvarpi vi? ungan mann (g?ti hafa ver?i Mar?us S?lva e?a P?ll ?skar) sem var a? segja fr? ?v? a? ?egar hann vakna?i um morguninn ?tta?i hann sig allt ? einu ? ?v? a? n?kv?mlega eina erindi? sem hann ?tti ? f?tur ?ennan daginn var a? fara a? s?kja n?ju s?maskr?na. ?? var honum n?g bo?i?, hann f?r og keypti sér farse?il til Kaupmannahafnar og var ? lei? ?anga? daginn eftir.

Einmitt svona lei? mér ? morgun. ?g ?arf a? v?su ekki a? s?kja s?maskr?na, ?au m?l eru ? lagi eftir a? efnafr??ist?dentinn var sviptur s?maskr?rs?kisemb?tti s?nu vegna vanr?kslu, en ?a? eina sem ég hef ? dagskr?nni ? dag er a? fara me? eitt bréf ? p?st.

Came accross an article I really liked, although I don´t neccessarily agree with him a hundred percent, espescially since the "kawaii" phenomena in Japan far outdates the reference he´s making but all in all a good and insightful point... He he says I sitting here wearing my pokemon socks, my notes waiting in my black tweety bag and neon yellow colours all around me ;-) I did the growing up thing, been there, done that, didn´t work out so now I´m just enjoying being who I am.. and sorry guys.. it´s time to accept the facts.. I´m a responsible version of a kid.....I´m much better at playing or studying with my kids than I ever am cooking or cleaning for them.... sorry it´s a read the article first kinda thing ;-)
Anyways blogging has made me a bit more upbeat (egomaniac that I am, just talking about myself for a few minutes makes me feel better ;-) so September eleventh jokes thesis here I comeeeee...

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Questionnaire madness..... brace yourselves....

when harry met sally

Everyone remembers the 'faked-orgasm-in-a-deli' sequence from your kind of movie When Harry Met Sally. It seems that you're falling for a buddy or have already fallen for them. Uh-oh. You're probably caught between the possibility of having a great relationship and wrecking the one you have now. You know what they say, it's better to regret something you did than something you didn't do.

What Romance Movie Best Represents Your Love Life?



The ULTIMATE personality test

brought to you by Quizilla

in regards to my Ba thesis, for those of you who are following that epic saga og lamentable porpotions then I´ll steal a quote that aptly describes the situation..

I love deadlines. I especially love the whooshing sound they make as they fly by. --Douglas Adams, Author, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Hi :-) Today was officially ALIAS day !! spent literally the whole day watching the first season of Alias... ahhh to be back living the wonderful life of a student during summer holidays again :-) All the memories come back, no waking up at 7, easy life except for nov-dec and again may when all the exams and the essays land of the precise same time and the grand situation of having no money to worry about ;-) Well in my mind it makes sense... How can one worry about something one doesn´t have and won´t see for quite some time.. ?? blink blink ;-P nudge nudge and general fluttering of eyelashes....

Once you can accept the universe as matter expanding into nothing that is something, wearing stripes with plaid comes easy.
--Albert Einstein

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

As you can see by the ongoing theme changes I´m getting closer to getting into gear again :-) Ragnar started school today.. feels strange how big he´s become !! As I started getting nervous on his behalf he took my hand, looked into my eyes and said; "Don´t worry I think you are perfect" .. o.k. so I´m sappy but according to me life doesn´t get much better than that :-D He´s now going to a much larger school with three second year classes each with twenty odd kids in them.. a slight change from his ten kid class up north ;-) All in all everything is shaping up perfectly, Elena got into a very good playschool just up the road. Ragnar is going to school five minutes walking distance from the flat. The flat is admittedly still a dump but getting better by the day, hey we can now officially flush the loo !!!! :-D And next week I´ll be starting school. It was brought to my attention earlyer today how long I harboured my japanophile tendencies. As a kid I loved all things Japanese even though very few around knew anything about it, I actually took written notes when watching Richard Chamberlains Shogun !!! I chose my high school on the grounds that they supposedly taught japanese every few years, of course they didn´t teach it for the duration of my stay there :-/ And then f course there is the whole exchange student thing :-)

So anyway, I´m going to university to study Japanese and I love it !!! Now all I need to do is to get the darned Ba thesis out of my way !! :-( Have had that clinging to my legs, weighing me down for over 5 years now, o.k. so I´ve had a couple of kids and worked a hell of a lot in the meantime, but now is definitevly the time to get it over and done with !!!

p.s. press the flower ;-P

The first episode of season two of alias is on right now... just to recap this is the story so far, illustrated and all ;-) I really like the show and would advise it to those of you that have yet to see it ...

Memorable scenes from the episode

Hiya I´m your mum ... Hi mum ... Who do you work for? ... If I don´t tell you will I be grounded? ... No dear, merely shot, bamm ...

There´s this funny story on tv about the Sd 6, handed in due to his prolonged absence......His reply.. well it seemed a good idea at the time ;-)

Sidney goes to France to bug a Frenchman and just happens accross Vaughn where he´s just about to be sliced up alive. She of course Stabs him with adrenaline in the heart (which we all know after Pulp fiction is just the easiest thing to do ;-) and then runs him outside..... a pretty near kiss grinning scene follows

They two discuss the pros and cons of having a friend to share your secrets with, loosing your dental plan the day you need a root canal, the bug killer in the lamp, and the joys of being alive...

Ahh I wanna take you to a nice French restaurant.. flirty flirt... smiley smile and excetera ...

Like mother like daughter... youré not going to shoot me again are you, sob sob ... no I´m just going to shoot my nuber 2 and turn my self into the CIA for some obscure but soon to be revealed reason..

The one with all the funny faces and all the pouty lipping and hey ;-) didn´t I look good in Daredevil.... ?

Ahh finally the absolute proof of ..... guess what.... The big Beatles deception.... Apparently Paul McCartney isn´t really Paul McCartney ;-) and here´s the proof ;-)

Amazing Photography !!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2003

Spike lives !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2003

Afterthought ,,

Funny in the intresting funny way.. I´ve had a couple of beers (surprice surprice ;-=) and I stiffened completely as the earthquake hit the house, and lifted and tilted my head as if listening and waiting...... I wonder if that´s a universal human reaction... Any thoughts?

Would you just look at that, all those earthquakes... fantasy or rather overactive imagination gaining gear here ;-)

Isn´t it amazing as well that I should have this precise information at my fingertips just minutes after the quake itself.....

News on the icelandic web...
Innlent | 23.8.2003 | 02:10
Snarpur jar?skj?lfti fannst ? su?vesturhorninu
Snarpur jar?skj?lfti fannst ? su?vesturhorni landsins um klukkan tv? ? n?tt. Uppl?singar um uppt?k og st?r? skj?lftans liggja ekki fyrir en f?lk er be?i? um a? s?na stillingu og kynna sér vi?br?g? vi? jar?sk?lftum.

Cool !!! there´s just been an earthquake.. just waiting for the aftershock now !! According to the map it would seem to have originated down south under the glacier..... Whoops sorry, read the map wrong, apparently it originated around the same area as the Blue lagoon and was well above 3 on the richter scale. It is marked by the green star....

Iceland in the news ;-P


Google Buys Iceland

Google, developer of the largest performance-based search engine, today announced that it has acquired the island nation of Iceland, deep in the middle of the northern Atlantic ocean. The purchase has business leaders around the world scratching their heads, as no one can figure out exactly why the privately-held company would spend billions to acquire a small island nation.

"Iceland is uniquely situated to greatly expand Google's presence in the northern Atlantic," said Sergey Brin, Google's co-founder and president of Technology. "This acquisition will enable Google to continue creating new technologies that make online advertising more useful to users, publishers, and advertisers alike."

Iceland is not known for the strength of its information technology sector. It is, however, a forbidding, sulfurous, isolated place which would be perfect for a secret fortress, say industry observers. Many suspect Google of seeking a sutiable location in which to build a high-technology hideaway "with dark and pointy towers," free from international law.

"I'm not saying they're like Dr. Evil or anything, but you have to wonder," said Wired magazine editor Phil LaRue. The high-tech industry has long been suspicious of Google's motives, as the company has achieved such a dominant position in the search engine business so quickly. Moreover, unlike most startups, Google remains a privately held company with a positive cash flow. "Just how does their software work? How the heck are they making money? Nobody knows," LaRue added. "Mighty suspicious, if you ask me."

According to the Google press release, the company will begin work immediately on a $15 billion headquarters in Reykjavik, Iceland's capital. Construction is scheduled to finish in early 2005, when the recently launched Google space station will also be complete and "fully operational."

Sergey Brin denied any ulterior motives behind these moves. "Are we trying to take over the world? Absolutely not. Are we looking out for Google's interests in the future? You bet," said Brin. When it was pointed out that most Silicon Valley companies possess neither island nations nor space stations, Brin responded, "At Google, we're just a bit more forward-thinking than our competitors."

I personally hate cats but smiles are always good ... :-)

Leoncie med risasveppi !!!

?eir eru heldur betur myndarlegir sveppirnir sem vaxa ? gar?i indversku prinsessunnar Leoncie ? Sandger?i ?essa dagana. Leoncie var a? koma heim fr? London ?ar sem h?n var a? taka upp n?justu pl?tuna s?na og henni br? heldur betur ? br?n ?egar h?n var a? vitja matjurta ? gar?inum. Risast?rir sveppir voru ? l??inni. ?eir vir?ast vaxa ? ?gnarhra?a, ver?a a? s?gn eldrau?ir og springa svo.

?egar lj?smyndari V?kurfrétta sko?a?i sveppina ? dag var s? st?rsti ? milli 22-23 sentimetrar a? st?r?. ?eir eru holir a? innan og mj?g vi?kv?mir. ?annig kom au?veldlega gat ? sveppinn sem mynda?ur var ? dag vi? ?a? eitt a? snerta hann.