Wednesday, April 30, 2003

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In My Place I Have Been Put

For any doubts I refer you to my wishlist below ;-)

I came across this annotated Bible and it certainly struck a chord. I´m a fairly religious person, contrary to popular misconceptions, but it´s precisely the Bible that has irritated me for years. How can I say I believe in a collection of contradicting historical essays, heavily edited to suit local norms and beliefs at different times, filled with endless contradictions, that in fact have very little to say about life today. My most often quoted example is "Women are dirty and sinful after childbirth, so God prescribes rituals for their purification. If a boy is born, the mother is unclean for 7 days and must be purified for 33 days; but if a girl is born, the mother is unclean for 14 days and be purified for 66 days. This is because, in the eyes of God, girls are twice as dirty as boys. 12:1-8" No wonder it took Moses so long to cross the desert.... I would however like to point out that I think the morals taught in the New Testament are as good a lesson now as they were back then and there is of course a lot off good advice in the Bible. Then again so are the morals of all the bigger religions if one decides to weed out what doesn´t really hold for modern society :-) Check out the link (by clicking on the picture), my favourite ones are 46, 47, 48, and 49, by all means tell me which ones you find the most intriguing. Until then, Live long and prosper ;-)

Life..the strangest collection of random occurrences all strung together by an abstract thought referred to as time. Humm, as for my life right now, well I´m in a pretty good place in my own opinion. I´ve managed to build up a life for me and the kids sans the ex and although proper equilibrium still seems remarkably far away in some fantasy horizon I guess I shouldn´t set my short term goals on the unobtainable, grin ;-) Moving down south this summer, I´ve managed to hold my own here and this has been a good time, with plenty of reconstruction sprinkled with liberal dosages of artistic licence. I´m really looking forward to the trip this summer, although the realization that "summer" is only a month away, along with the advantages of procrastination kind of fills me with panic, or with strange heavy vomit like bug like feeling in my stomach ;-) Things that have to be done before then, humm let´s see, manage to pack all our belongings into magic boxes that possess the talent of reducing the mass of objects put therein...oh and try to sell as much furniture as possible...Anyone out there want to babysit a really beautiful antique, alas big, cupboard?? for mayhaps 3 years or so..? At least the baby furniture can all go not much chance of me using that in the near future ..humphh......methinks it is time for bed. Good night :-) Next chapter Take note Allison will have loads of links to japaneseYankee pages :-) big grin motorcycles, dango, flowing coats and America being brought to mind :-) I´ll leave you with that incoherent and unclear thought nighty night

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Some Engrish at the end of the day ;-)

Monday, April 28, 2003

On sunday I posted the best error message I´d ever seen, well here´s another good one. (admittedly not nearly as good as the other one )

Ahh my friends are so very photogenic ;-) Here you get the normal Svava at ease ;-) And here you have the more sophisticated "You know you love me, whip crack!" look :-D
With friends like these, who needs enemies?
Obviously after this post I probably won´t have a friend anymore ;-) since I have nothing but distance to save me and that won´t hold much longer ...
p.s. Svava, get your own back by battling with my purple people eating monkey below....I assure you´ll win ;Þ

well the weekend is over, no more sleeping late nor lazying around :-/ oh well another one will arrive in only five days time ;-) This weekend has been a pretty good one, Saturday Jófríður, one of my many former sister in laws ;-) came for a visit on Saturday morning. Well actually these days it isn´t so much me she´s visiting but rather my extensive Buffy collection ;-) but hey, I visit her mom for the food so I guess one just is what one is :Þ We went out shopping for confirmation gifts. Warning depressing ... can be skipped ;-) I worry for this village I have called home for the last four years :-( Last year my bank was sold so there is only one bank here and now, just this Wednesday actually, the smaller shop here gave in to the big shop and is being closed :-( It´s going to be sorely missed, it was the small, personal shop you see in movies. Where one had an account and I could send my son alone shopping because I knew they´d ask him for his note, and he loved signing for the goods himself ;-) This town is dying .. able and willing people can´t get employment, there is no high school here so the kids leave at 16, most of them never to really return, there just aren´t enough jobs around :-( At least we still have a post office, the next town over just lost theirs "wasn´t enough buisness to justify an outlet" they said. We still have the advantage of highway one (if one can call Icelands only circle road a highway ;-) so everyone driving between the two major cities of Iceland has to drive through. But alas, now theres talk of moving the highway and I think that´d be the death blow to this small community. It´s kind of scary witnessing firsthand the iminnent death of a rural community :-( Pregnancies are also an issue here, I have taught here for four years and in every class so I´ve graduated so far there is now a baby ! With classes of only fourteen persons on average this shouldn´t be happening :-( o.k. enough of this, I´m starting to sound like Björgvin ;Þ)

Saturday we paid a visit to the local police station seeing as it was the 200th anniversary of the Icelandic police, the kids had their fingerprints taken and I got handcuffed ;-) (whatever comment you´re thinking of now I assure you the police officer in question said them all ;-) It´s really a creepy feeling to enter a cell :-/ wouldn´t have thought it beforehand. My kids, being so photgenic, of course (I´m as humble as ever) got their picture taken and put up on the local city homepage ;-) Then on Friday night, after Elena was asleep, I enjoyed watching Goonies again, this time with the commentary! It was great fun, I laughed out loud severeal times and would thouroughly recommend it to anyone who enjoyed Goonies the first time round and who enjoys movies !!! The commentary is done by the kids themselves as well as Richard Donner the director, with the camera being focused on the cast on several occasions and the movie falling in the background.

Today me and Elena went to the confirmation party given by my student/babysitter. Icelandic confirmations are closest in resemblance to jewish Bar mitzwas if movies are anything to go by. Even though it´s a Christian festival it was originally tied directly to the Viking comming of age ceremony, hence it´s at 14 and the kids recieve great big presents! Kids will often recieve overe a 1000 dollars/pounds as well as furniture, computer or something grand like that. The feasts are also the size of a good wedding reception. The best thing though... of course... is all the food ;-) Anyways back to school tomorrow, meanwhilst ran accross this very intresting site (says the supergeek in me ;-) it has a comparative size scale featuring many well known buildings and characters as well as some slightly lesser known and less real spaceships ;-) The other one is food for thought ! US forces allegedly making Iraqi thieves strip naked and walk through town with a message scrawled on their chests... :-( How very liberating ...
Good night and may your dreams be filled with happyness and brightness :-)

Sunday, April 27, 2003

Best error message ever !!!

Never before has an error page had me laughing out loud to the great amazement of my daughter staring at me bewildered from the sofa.  This has to be by far the best thought out error page on the web ......... it´s just oh so depressed ;-)

Saturday, April 26, 2003

Gunnella Þorgeirsdóttir
is a
Purple People-Eating Sea Monkey

...with a Battle Rating of 4.6

To see if your Food-Eating Battle Monkey can
defeat Gunnella Þorgeirsdóttir, enter your name:

You're Angelina may jump from thing to
thing...but you know who you are and no one
helped you to get there. You a crazy mamma jamma... What actress are you?
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godandaginn.jpg open image

Friday, April 25, 2003

Happy Summer

Today is the first day of summer according to Icelandic belief. It’s a day of celebration and as far back as the Vikings there are references to people feasting on this day.The custom of summer gifts are traced back to the sixteenth century and are therefore and older custom that Christmas presents ;-).The norm is that this day not be a work day although petrol stations and restaurants are open.The first references to summer day parades occur in the later half of the nineteenth century and are regarded as the norm today.
Folk belief tells us that if summer and winter freeze together the night before then the summer will be together.This one checks by putting a bowl of water on ones doorstep and then checks if the water has frozen during the night.Another, not so well spread belief, is that upon seeing the first moon of the summer one was to keep quit until addressed.The first phrase spoken to one then had a deeper meaning and could be read as an oracle.

Here in Blönduós the first day of summer is day of the school summer festival.Grades 1 through to 7 put on a show.This year I attended for the first time ;-) Of course I had to attend seeing as my young gentleman was performing The first grades sang the Abc song and a more serious set of youngster would be very hard to find ;-) They were so intent on behaving and singing properly that not one of them sprang a smile once ;-) But they were still oh so cute !

I know, I know, I´m suffering from too proud a mom syndrome big time ;-)
p.s. Ragnar is the one in the grey shirt at the front ;-)

Thursday, April 24, 2003

While trying to enter the U.S. as an illegal alien, Alliance Fleet commander Admiral Ackbar was arrested by a SWAT team this morning, charged with membership of an Islamic terrorist group. FBI Special Agent B. Fett commented that "we've had our eye on this one for some time now." Agent Fett denied that Ackbar had been subject to "species profiling". "Whether they are humanoid, lizardlike, or, as in the case of Mr Ackbar, amphibious, everyone is subject to the same kind of scrutiny."

The FBI suspect the Mon Calamari military officer because of his surname. "You are probably familiar with the phrase, 'Allah Akhbar', or, in English, 'Allah is great'." Agent Fett told interviewers during a press conference. "It is our strong suspicion that Mr Ackbar is an Al-Qaeda operative who is aiding these cowardly criminals with his advanced intergalactic technology."

Ackbar, meanwhile, is speaking only through his lawyer, a Mr Max Rebo. "These allegations are very extreme and completely unfounded", Mr Rebo told the press. "I have yet to be presented with one convincing piece of evidence. As for my client, he has asked me to let everybody know that he is being framed in a conspiracy that reaches into the highest circles. Or, as he put it, 'It's a trap!'"

If PCs were smart and honest, they'd say:

"You're about to delete a document you've been editing for hours. It's illogical that you'd wanna throw away so much work, so I refuse to delete it. In fact, I made a backup."
"Your IQ is higher than that of a trained simian. So while you logged on as a new user, I'm gonna assume you can operate a mouse."
"I'll now spell check your document. Please be aware that I usually can't tell if a word is misspelled if the misspelled version is in the dictionary."

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Here are some brand new Easter pictures :-) Otherwise it´s back to work tomorrow :-/ no longer can one sleep late, endulge in chockolate feasts or browse the web all day long ;-)

The Guardian reports yet another theory about the characteristic differences between men’s and women’s minds. This one comes with a pair of moderately sophisticated little tests for empathy and systematization. But I don’t know how much validity there is to the whole thing, because according to the test results I almost certainly have asperger syndrome ;-)

Sunday, April 20, 2003

The birthday party pics are here ;-) :-)

I celebrated my birthday yesterday, even though in reality it isn´t until tomorrow ;-) Tell u more later :-) The pics will have to suffice for the time being ;-)

Friday, April 18, 2003

Everybody´s Phooning these days ;-)

Karl Urban: you like them tall, dark, sexy and fun.

Which guy are you destined to have sex with?
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�¡ Ms. Yoshiko Fukaya Office worker 23 years old. The white cream to the sweet smell which burns sponge, a canned peach. "-- ‚í‚ ‚·‚²‚¢ -- that it is " and "it being delicious" The young birth meeting of a day and a mother's handmade cake with a friend's particularly increasing cheer were Yoshiko's boast.
It will be that a younger brother is born and stopped having you make at the time of what years old. The cake became "what is bought in a store" and a certain long day and Mr. he were able to do. The color of a chestnut is bad and Mont Blanc made for the first time in the first St Valentine's Day and recipe one hand is a rather deplorable figure. He laughed it for her who is excited and waits as "nice." Yoshiko has noticed. It is fortunate to eat a cake. But it is more fortunate that it is said that it is delicious. It is because the cake of a birthday was [ the feeling with a fortunate mother ] stuck for the cake a lot to have smelled and such to have cut by carrying out. She who gathers the sales data of favorite sweets in Ezaki Glico realizes the dream to the cake "which makes everybody happy." Although the photography to which it was equal, without licking the strawberry and cream which are likely to touch a lip seemed to be torture. (Yuka Nishimoto)

Humm I wonder wether any of this text was translated using alta vistas language tool???? ;-)

o.k. I´m sorry, it seems my earlyer test was too difficult, even for two of my closest friends ;-) so here goes...
Take my Quiz on!

I´ve been recieving a lot of these tests so here I go putting you to the test !!! ;-)
Take my Quiz on!

Thursday, April 17, 2003

People are strange, of that there is no doubt! Girls check this out and be sure to turn on the loudspeakers, it is weird I´ll grant you but strangely entertaining at the same time :-) enjoy !! Of me there is little to say. I am, as so often before, perfecting the art of procrastination to the point where ... well something´ll snap. I´m getting the house ready fo the big party I´m holding tomorrow! The place is of course still in a state of utter disarray but hey, it´ll work out as it alwasy does ;-) I´m really looking forward to the party, haven´t held a proper party in over a year !! And the reason for the celebration is nothing to be scorned either, the big 30 !! alas I´m getting old ;-)

Wednesday, April 16, 2003


Another thing specifically for you guys out there ;-)

Although I wouldn´t recomend it if you suffer from any type of inferiority complex ;-)

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Singing tv stars

Here we have an intresting link ;-) tv stars that insist on trying their hand at singing with the expected horrendous results, here you can experience the lovely voice of Leonard Nimoy (Dr Spock), Hulk Hogan, Jerry Springer and Kevin Spacey.  And to continue with my "sungod" theme here you can learn italian with Fabio himself ;-) (p.s. I got an e-mail from the naked cowboy, very polite ;-)

Then the proof that extraterrestials actually visited earth in the middle ages ;-) Painting of ufos !!!in 15th century european art.

I get a lot of spam. Around 50 ads a day most of which are moved to my spam folder so I can see what people are offering me. I just received one that said "Be like John Holmes" and it was an ad for viagra. Seeing that John Holmes died of AIDS years ago, isn't this one of the worst people they could have possibly come up with? And apart from that...why on earth would I want to
be like John Holmes seeing as I´m female (when last checked)

Monday, April 14, 2003

People are strange !! These guys claim to be freefalling over Egilsstaðir !! a town on the east coast of Iceland. I´d like those of you who know anything about Icelandic geography to post your messages telling me if the scenery behind them is really that of Egilsstaðir. I´ll admit that the scenery is very Icelandic, but boy they must be freezing their balls off.
Can you imagine frostbite .... ;-Þ

Apparently I´m perfectly usual ;-) How about you?

I took this test and felt quite pleased with myself, that is until I noticed that the guy linking unto the test also got 134 points :-/ coincidence or a moneyscam..? So now I´m asking you to have a go and if you also get 134 points to let me know :-) Ta :-)

Sunday, April 13, 2003

Little Icelandicgreedy person

This feels very weird but in a way sensible were it not for this nagging heavy feeling in my stomack telling me I´m merely advertising my greed, but seeing as it´s my birthday very soon I´m posting my amazon wishlist here for your perusal, if not anything else it´ll give you an intresting insight into the weirdness that is me :-P A walking collection of contradictions ;-)


Easter holidays are here !!

Well, at long long long last the Easter holidays have started :-) the greatest thing about being a teacher are the vacations !! ;-) The weather here has been excellent, went outside and sunbathed for a couple of hours earlier today and the kids have been running around, chasing the guinea pig and making tents in the backyard. The neighbours sheep came for a short visit, they’d obviously been let out due to the good weather but alas mending the fences is a spring job and spring isn’t, technically, here yet. For those of you that don’t know Iceland, a small weather description: the weather in Iceland is changeable to say the least, when you hear funny stories how people go outside wearing snowsuits in the sleet storm and come back sunburnt well they’re true ! One can expect any kind of weather at any time, especially in spring and autumn. The day before yesterday I walked to the pharmacy in sunny warm weather, returning to school there were occasional hails falling down from the clear sky and 40 minutes later after I’d taught one lesson, there was a snowstorm outside, the kind where one can’t see ones own hands. 

The sungod, chapter three ;-)

My scribblings about the aforementioned Sungod have apparently attracted attentions so.. I feel the need to post a follow up. Yes I managed, I went and found me another sungod, a real cowboy... a naked cowboy no less! Going through his site is intriguing, he has his own cartoon series, a naked cowgirl girlfriend, and it seems he makes his living from prancing around the streets of New York wearing but his underpants playing his guitar. But he definitely has the requisite long blond hair and ooses self esteem ;-) his page even has a "how to" section where you can learn the naked cowboys fitness secrets !! So if he´s the one to get you hot, by all means prance by his souveneer shop and you could even buy a pair of knickers just like his... imagine that ;-Þ

Jackass versus Icelandic beauty queens :-/

The asses of Jackass fame were on Icelandic tv last night, they were placed on a dating show of all shows, each competing for the attentions of many aspiring miss Icelands.  As you may have noticed I like weird stuff and funny people, not to mention bizarre circumstances and contradictions but these guys :-/ I just don´t get this ... and the kids are all raving about them !?! Jumping off bridges for adrenalin shots is all fine by me but self mutilation for tv audiences seems to me exploitation, the guys, to dumb to realise their situation or perhaps.. I don´t know but this reeks of sensless violence and I don´t want my kids to watch them... Mabe I´m just getting old .... who knows.... The beauty queens to be opted to not choose any of them but expressed their surprice at the fact that two of them (one being Steve-O) knew how many states there are in the U.S.

Know your geography??? ;-)

Now in order to give this blog some content of value ;-) Fun value of course!! I came accross this and realised I need to start rereading my African geography ;-) But I did ok on the middle asia part :-) Why don´t you have a go and tell me how it went.It is a part of a site for teachers who are looking for information or teaching material regarding the war. It seems pretty good and I for one saw some stuff there I´ll be using after easter.

Cheers, enjoy today because it´ll never happen again !!

Friday, April 11, 2003

**** THE PROOF THAT Gunnella IS EVIL ****

71 85 78 78 69 76 76 65 - as ASCII values
8 4 6 6 6 4 4 2 - digits added
\_____/ \_____/ \_____/ \_____/
3 3 1 6 - digits added

Thus, "Gunnella" is 3316.

Subtract 119 from the number - this is the date of WTC attacks, written backwards. It gives 3197.

Add 1957, the year Ford introduced the Edsel - the result is 5154.

Add 9391 to it - this is the year WW II started, written backwards - you will get 14545.

Add 1954, the year Elvis recorded his debut single, putting the end to all morality and good taste - the result is 16499.

Subtract 1969, the year of Woodstock. The result will be 14530.

This, when read backwards, gives 03541. This is 1889 in octal, the year Adolf Hitler was born...

Evil, QED.

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Now for some more irreverent stuff ...
First of all, I understand smokers when they bemoan the good old days when they could smoke inside or go
outside every hour for at least five minutes for their smoking breaks (I remember because I felt it was unfair ;-) me sitting there and them working one sixth less than me ;-) But here´s the answer take a smoking break online ;-)
not joking just check it out !

On a different note.. I admit some minor shame in bad talking the Sungod himself ;-) Hence I´ve begun an indepth survey of the culture he inhabits and I realise I´ve been I was making fun of this guy when I see nothing wrong with Brendan Fraser, with long blondish hair, wearing only a loin cloth.. so I´m not really being true too myself.. :( or what do you think? However .... there´s always a however..Fabio, the sungod himself (hey just check the romance novelss covers;-) doesn´t quite do it for me and Ted
... well

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Well I´ve discovered a few things about sars, for instance that it´s short for "Severe acute respiratory syndrome" and that nobody is even sure what it is they´re dealing with here, although most seem to think it´s viral.... They´re describing it as "an atypical pneumonia of unknown aetiology" :Þ doesn´t tell me much..

hummm wonder what it stands for.....
something to look up tomorrow

As if the war wasn´t enough to scare one, now SARS is prooving itself more resilient than anyone could have forseen :-(
Already there have been five reported cases in the UK and my guess is that those numbers are going to be on the rise for some time ... It´s kind of weird tracking the diseases trail ... watching it edging itself closer and closer...humm o.k. I think it might just be time for bed ;-) I´m starting to sound neurotic here (and stop with the "starting" exclamations ;-) On the bright side, the fashion industry has enjoyed a boom of sorts... apparently designer masks are all the rage in Asia now ;-)