Thursday, October 28, 2004

Halloween pics ;-)

We went to the kids schools annual Halloween Beetledrive last night, not having a clue as to what to expect. It turned out to be a game of somesorts involving changing tables with ones partner at the end of each game... Anyways we thoroughly enjoyed the costume part going perhaps a trifle overboard but hey, it´s only once (o.k. twice a year)...Admittedly Halldór missed the bobbing for apples, the decorations and the scary room he felt should have been there, but as for me and the kids, never having experienced Halloween before we were content.

It´s finally official !!!

LOOKYHERE for the absolute proof of me having finally at long last graduated... Even as I searched for my name on the list I worried that some glitch or another had come up causing me not to have graduated at this time... I needed to see it black on white :-) And here it is :-D Third column from the bottom, Félagsvísindadeild twentysecond line from the bottom :-D I´m there, I´m a folklorist and ... o.k. so I´m slightly going overboard with this but ... This is a ten year achievement... Not having finished this has always lain heavily upon me, Ivé felt like I hadn´t accomplished anything, and minor details like me having had two children, been married and divorced, and having taught for four years at varying levels kinda didn´t count in my weird psyche ;-P

I feel so relieved as well as enthusiastic about my current studies :-D

Cheers from a batty Icelander in Edinburgh.

This years scariest Halloween costumes

Florida's Electronic Touch-Screen Voting Machines
Give Democrats in your neighborhood the chills with this adorable re-creation of a computerized, touch-screen voting machine! Just like the real ones, our voting machine costume leaves no paper trail and comes with easily hackable—but totally adorable—software!

Click on the pics for even more even less pc costumes ;-P

Intresting ;-) via

American President George W. Bush has topped an unlikely poll in Britain - as this year's top screen villain. Bush won the dubious accolade for his unauthorized appearance in Michael Moore's anti-Bush documentary Fahrenheit 9/11. The politician beat out the likes of Doc Ock, played by Alfred Molina, in Spider-Man 2; The Texas Chainsaw Massacre's Leatherface; Andy Serkis' Gollum from Lord Of The Rings trilogy; and Elle Driver, the assassin played by Daryl Hannah in Kill Bill. Almost 10,000 people voted in the poll, conducted by Total Film Magazine.

I like.....

I like the sea, it´s endless vastness, the power of it, the soothing effect it has on me and the sense that there is something so much stronger than me, it is a feeling on deep and abiding respect.
I like the smell of spring, that fresh verdant smell as the ground defrosts and you can smell the very first buds of grass.
I like hugs, the ones where you find yourself completely relaxing and that sense of communion when both parties lower all barriers. Sometimes one is the giving party sometimes the recievee and most of the time both.
I like trains ... they take me to different places and I can relax as I enjoy watching both the view as the people travelling with me.
And last but not least I like the way I wake up in the middle of the night to tiny ice cold toes being wriggled up against me, a little arm draped over me and the pure and utter security that little person feels as she immedately starts to snore in my ear.....

Oh and crisp frosty still mornings in Iceland, when everything is completely quiet, the stars and the northern lights ablaze and as your nose freezes you hear the crunh crunch as you tread through the snow...

Funny, for all my travels and my insatiable wanderlust how remarkably Icelandic I still am at the core, I may not fit in there but the feel of the country is with me wherever I go. I love old cities and Edinburgh is truly a visual feast, Rome is an experience in itself and the sights of Japan I carry with me wherever...... I think that might be the key, other places are visual experiences, observances but Iceland is a feeling, a oneness ....
Lying by myself in a lavadesert on a sunny day in a mossy cranny gazing at the sky ..... sitting crosslegged on a boulder on a windy Icelandic shore at night, staring at the sea ..... Lying in the snow gazing up at the northern lights ..... Enjoying being alone ... Recharging

Monday, October 25, 2004

An end to an era

An end to an era

Well I´m off for a couple of days, not that I´ve been very good at blogging for the past week but anyway ;-) We´re making up for lost time at school hence I´m travelling to Sheffield to stay there.... which means... yeah precisely..finally some party time :-D Admittingly on a Monday night but hey, one makes do with what one can ;-) For you recently joined I´ve got two kids hence tend to be kinda stuck at home, which is getting seriously depressing seeing as my partner who´s not much for going out has been out loads more than me in the last two months :-( Not the natural order of things I tell you !!
As for news, crossing of fingers, if all went as things should have gone, I graduated from the University of Iceland on Saturday and am now officially a FOLKLORIST.. Yeah .. some minor jumping around, I finally posess a title, and no ..... mistress doesn´t count ;-P
Last night I even dreamt I was breaking up with Bjarni (my ex husband) and it felt so good !! It was on my terms, I was finishing this nonsense and I think it was directly connected to the fact that I´ve finally managed to finish my primary degree after ten years of guilttrips and not acknowledging that I just am what I am (enter a chorus of five scantily clad men) and I can just about do whatever it is I want!!

Sunday, October 24, 2004

The Addams Family, no sorry the Lawrence Family...

The Addams Family, no sorry the Lawrence Family...

Thursday, October 21, 2004

You are Bettie Page!
You're Bettie Page!

What Classic Pin-Up Are You?brought to you by Quizilla

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Gothic Edinburgh

Had a great day yesterday, Helgi and Ragna looked after the kids whilst we were invited to a dinner party by three of Halldórs chinese classmates. Finding the place was an adventure in itself, it turned out to be typically gothic Edinburghian (hogwartsy). First we had to follow the royal mile nearly up to the Castle then turn down this tiny obscure alleyway called Milnes court, follow it´s meandering pathway underneath the ancient brick houses of Edinburgh and then as it seemed there was no way out turn left... I don´t know why but I somehow felt we should have tapped certain stones in the right order and said an incantation not merely rung the doorbell....

Edinburgh is just such an amazing city, I love the old part where taking a different road might take one into a cemetary where many of the toombstones are actually affixed to the walls of houses and then curtained windows inbetween.
Such a bizarre conglomeration of old and new, gothic and cute. Slightly surreal as well, when you are right smack in the centre of a city, yet in this amazingingly quiet and serene churchyard and can actually observe the flow of tourists and students walking on the other side of these tiny stone cottages through the panelled windows oblivious to the eeriness beyond....

The dinner turned out to be excellent, the people great and the conversation most invigorating ;-) An intelligent artistic multicultural group and chinese food, the perfect combo!!!

Why does one get stressed about meeting new people anyway, it nearly always goes well!! No matter what one wears or wether one put on the mascara or not...
And on the occasions that one isn´t liked .. well they´re normally not worth the bother anyway ...

mmm been a nice day so far ;-) Late morning scrambled eggs on toast, cooked by Ragnar! (with admittedly some minor help) Then tidying up the house before heading off to get a telephone reciever and their weekly present (allowance). Managed the pressies all right but still no phone :-( Am slightly concerned about spoiling the kids with these presents, but they are dependent upon good behavior all week and hey, if I don´t spoil them slightly who will??

Saturday, October 16, 2004


Your name here:


Friday, October 15, 2004

Been a good day so far :-) Did a bout of letter writing, trying to cut down on stress causing things, procrastination being my special area of expertise ;-)
Funny how simple, small, relatively positive, things can cause stress and anxiousness when one feels the pressure of not having performed said tasks...

Everything seems easier, simpler and brigther these days ;-) sappy as hell I know.. but nice nevertheless :-D

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Keeping Terror Alive

An intresting video higlighting the use of fear to keep Americans in line... Focusing on the other, the culprit and them against us ...

;-) And notice how lyrical Saddam sounds ;-P´

Here´s another funny one on how Bush did at the debate, remarkable.."IT´s been soooo tough" ......

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Excellent gifs done by a certain Sheep who possibly goes by the alias David Packer :-) Found the gifs here on B3ta but his main site seems to be where there are loads of animations to be found. I definately recommend it!!

Ahhhh the innate madness of some people ;-) Kikkoman indeed .... Well these guys managed a Happy song featuring mainly Japanese brand names, reccommend it if you have a good connection and like things Japanese.

I, my friend, have class. I am so not white trash. . I am more than likely Democrat, and my place is neat, and there is a good chance I may never drink wine from a box.

EEEWWWW .... Dunno if the alternative is any better and I have too drunk white wine from a box, as well as a carton.... Must admit the first time I saw white wine in cartons back in Italy it stupefied me but the boxes are cool, espescially if one only has the occasional glass and would hence let the rest of the bottle spoil were it not for that excellent invention, the box ;-P

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Ahhh the pure and utter lazyness of sunday mornings :-) A long lazy sigh :-D Went out last night, finally ! Met up with friends from Blönduós who incidentally are also living here in Edinburgh, Ragna and Helgi. And to add to the confusion Helgi used to be the headmaster at the school where I taught ;-) Small world ehi ? It was nice ;-) we went out to dinner and they got to see that Halldór does indeed exist but is not a mere figment of my overly vivid imagination ;-)

unto politcs, I know unusal, but I am sometimes aware of what´s going on around me, is it my misunderstanding or is the American nation being treated as retards??? What´s with there being two major political parties, both representing for the major part white middle and upper class, offering only two presidential candidates both of whom are obviously incompetent nincompoops!!! It´s like the country is being treated as simpletons, "here, you can choose, .. choose between this bad one and this worse one.." And everyone is supposed to be thrilled at having a say in the choosing.. The land of the free where all men are equal...

It would seem to me that post Sept.11. (and perhaps before that) the united states is turning into a police nation akin to coldwar Russia!!

Shouldn´t the rest of us be worried as well? According to this survey Bush doesn´t seem to be all that popular around the world, well apart from USA occupied territories... But is the other option in any way better??

p.s. *grin* wonder if I´ll start getting regular visits from now like when I protested the war in Iraq ;-) Am probably blacklisted somewhere by now :-D

p.p.s. found this quote on Iraqiblogcount:

We have a proverb in Arabic, it says: a wet man doesn't fear the rain; it seems that the American administration believes in that a lot, since the world hates us, why care about more hate? hate hate hate, its the only vibrations coming out of Arabs and Muslims towards America, once it was the land of the dreams, now its the land of injustice, the land of imperialism, the land of murderers, the land of fear and hate;a huge shift, in few years. Bombing the shrine of Imam Ali, and bombing Falluja at the same time? You are unable to imagine the amounts of hate and anger people have towards America now, all because of stupid mistakes by one cowboy, Bosh.

Does he have a point or does he have a point... check out the newest blog as well -, on the term "Preemptive strike"... most illuminating ;-)

Saturday, October 09, 2004

So what kind of a mr. man are you ;-) ?
Click little miss me to find out...

Arrrgh what Friday night alone at home will do to you ....!!! Haldor is out with this crowd tonight... so here I am sitting with my glass of white wine, a little sleeping girl leaning on my shoulder, a young man accross from me watching Paint your wagon, which incidentally is an amazing film if you haven´t seen it yet it´s one of those you have to see!! If not for else than the experience of seeing both Lee Marvin and Clint Eastwood sing repeatedly ;-) Well soon, I´ll ship him off to bed, and ditch the laptop for a tub of Hagendas icecream and some movie of the sky channels ;-)

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Now I obviously have too much time on my hands ;-)


What is your anime hair color?

To which race of Middle Earth do you belong?

By the way, what do you think of the new layout ;-) ?

Sweet relaxation :-)

The essay was handed in today by my brother, apparently the very last essay to be handed in this semester *blush* Of course as soon as they´d handed in the essay and returned home my dad realised that there were these odd three pages just lying on the floor so poor Steini had to trot off again to see if the returned essays had all the appropriate pages ;-)

It is done, sixe years of tension, stress, sense of failure and are over... finally I can concentrate on something new and different, ;-) grin, my Ma dissertation!! Which incidentally is only supposed to be shorter than my Ba thesis was... Oh well..

It is remarkable how often I´ve had panick attacks at night worrying about this blasted essay and the fact that every time I handed something in to my supervisor it would be returned with ... never mind. It´s over now :-D !!!

I felt so elated today, went off to search for a library here in Edinburgh, only to find out that the national one doesn´t even have the periodicals I needed, was then directed to the school of scottish studies where I was welcomed with open arms, given free reins in their library and collections and invited to attend lectures every Friday :-D So I´m literally attending school at two university departments, Yay ! :-) I´m getting the wague feeling of being rewarded ;-) being extraordinarily lucky, finally I´m living my dream of attending university in Britain and end up being welcomed in two :-D

Seeing as my department is in Sheffield I´m having to commute, but the classes are only every Tuesday so it´s not too big a hassle. And the four hours geting there are well spent sleeping and the four returning are excellent for studying!

Anyways, A great big thanks and a hug to all of you who wished me luck and congratualtions :-D Love y´all ;-)

Now I´d better start tidying up, am having an Icelandic friend over and somewhat unsurpricingly not much tidying has been done in the past week ;-P

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Great relief, and eaqually befuddled incoherence... why.. you may ask.. Well the final version of my Ba Thesis just left this house at noon and has been accepted by my supervisor and ported off to my old professor for grading.

Pause for contemplation..

.. more quiet contemplation...

Followed by Shouting, Screaming, Yaying, Jumping, Squeeling, Gleeful (and somewhat maniacal)laughter, Dancing, Grinning and and utter exhaustion