Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Things aren´t shaping up very well over here, have had a flu/cough/cold for a while and for the moment it just seems to be getting worse :-( I think my body in order to gain immunity to British flus decided to dump them all on me at once, kinda a "get four for the price of one" deal ;-)

As I scrambled out of bed, blowing my nose, having a coughing fit and apologizing to Halldór for keeping him awake all night I made my way into the kids bedroom, and managing to sound cheerful and not too dead, proceeded to wake them up by stroking their backs (as I usually do) and was then greeted by my daughter mumbling " mind you in perfect English" I don´t want to go to school, it´s boring ..!!! So what are they teaching the kids over there ;-) The first sentence she ever utters fully in English at home and that´s it..?

Bleh..dreams get so weird when one is sick, dreamt all night (I know it because I woke up every 30 mins) that I was dealing with the human pestilence problem aboard the Babylon 5... geek anyone ;-) ? Hate when I get those fever inspired loop dreams... after a while the most innocent dream turns into a nightmare if you´ve gone through it often enough!

Halldór is amazing, he´s been taking full care of the kids here. Getting them up and ready for school, making their lunches, fetching them from school, taking them to judo, making dinner for us and then to top it all I keep him up all night ...

Sappy thoughts..

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Where do you stand in Politics..?

How remarkable, what a surprice... according to this here test I´m a left wing liberal ;-)

p.s it is really short !! ;-P

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

So what religion am I ?


New Aged/Wiccan
An it harm none, do as ye will. You are a fluffy bunny. You wouldn't harm a fly. Actually, you might demonstrate to SAVE the flies! Than again, you're probably busy casing love spells, using a psychic talent, being a Vegetarian or trying to save the Rainforests. Either way, you're harmless.

Hummm.....Dunno if I fully agree with this. Generally I think of myself as a sort of a Christian (not the old Bible but the new testament) and Bhuddist (northern type) amalgamation, o.k. slightly happy clappy in character but.... I don´t belief in doing things to the extremes so I´v potested war and the Chinese government but I´m a meat eating (including fluffy bunnies ;-) leather wearing ........ well something.... Is there such a thing as a happy clappy goth who loves attending religious sermons within all different religions..???

Your opinion guys? Getting tired of these here pure monolouges ;-)


Why ... ? How...? Rude people really raise my bristles !!! :-( Rude inconsiderate people top the list .. Oh never mind, just had a “fun” encounter on a crowded train with a man who stubbornly refused to give his seat to us, me and Ragnar, even though it was clearly marked as reserved and I had the ticket showing that this seat had been reserved for me. In the end the young man in the opposing seat gave us his seat so that we could sit next to each other and with a group starting to form behind me I had bo choice but to accept it even though I felt it horribly unfair on him!

Things are starting to heat up at school, just realised we have but three lessons left until the end of term and two major assignments to hand in on Tuesday. Christmas is also less than a month away, what with us intending to celebrate it on the 18th. Then a month from today the kids will be in Iceland. Loads of fine seasonal reasons for getting all panicky and sweaty ;-P

Had a nice day though. Decided to get the day off from school for Ragnar and drag him accross the UK for a change. Then due to it being reading week this week spent the entire day in the library searching for refrences for next weeks annotation project. It´s normally my strong side but working without my own personal library and not really knowing the library here the way I do Þjóðarbókhlaðan, everything takes just so much longer... That is wehn I´m doing my own research ;-P To clarify, when I went off in search of Gideons chosen annotations they just appeared to me, I found them aplenty all over ..... Typical ehi?

Monday, November 22, 2004

Major revelations..or perhaps not?

Did a long questionnaire/list/friendship thingie and am curious what you think ;-) I posted it on my other blog due to it´s lengthyness though.... By all means browse by an tell us how many things come as a surprice ;-P

I came accross the list on the Colorado Pixie blog,


The Incredibles

Went to see the Incredibles last night and was very pleasantly surpriced. It kinda embodies a lot of different genres, it was a family film, an adventure movie, a superhero movie and quite funny to boot ;-)
For most of the movie I kept gnawing my nails over not being able to identify who was the voice behind Elasti girl. I´m weird I know but I need to know these things ;-) Turned out to be Holly Hunter :-) Jason Lee, of skateboarding and Kevin Smithian fame voiced the inevitably small but still uber villain and Samuel L. Jackson was Frozone.
My favorite character though was the costume designer seamstress Edna. Whose character I found out was based on a real life costume designer Edith Head, who worked as a studio costume designer on hundreds of movies for over fifty years. You can see a photo of her here and there is quite a remarkable semblance ;-P

Definitely a movie I´d recommend :-D All four of us enjoyed it and one of the things I really enjoyed observing was the kids reactions to the different jokes and scenes, normally not the same as the ones that made us laugh but obviously funny to all the kids in the theatre. Now all we need is the matching set of uniforms ;-) one for every member of the family ;-D Or we could go for the cookiejar, something "every" family needs ;-P

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Star Wars on Steroids ..?

What happened?!? A very interesting take on how stereotypes have changed, no longer are they sleek and sexy but all buffed up to meet the criteria of modern action heroes... Lando was not this buff mass of beef !! Why I ask..?!?

Saturday, November 20, 2004

YEt another test ;-)

You Are the individualist

You are sensitive and intuitive, with others and yourself.
You are creative and dreamy... plus dramatic and unpredictable.
You're emotionally honest, real, and easily hurt.
Totally expressive, others always know exactly how you feel.

So ... Whatchya think ;-) any truth in this ?

Thursday, November 18, 2004

I won !! Happy Dance ! :-D

Yay, won a competition on fotopages (where my picture albums are situated) working on the theme "Contentment". I chose to submit this picture of Ragnar taken at his sisters birthday party. Him being as he is, dissappeared midway through the party and I found him there, happily sitting in the bathtub reading, having escaped all the noise and bustle of the other children ;-) Perfectly content!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Incredible Visual Puns

Musically inclined Pay Rise Last but not Least the long and the short of It

Brain all limbered up and ready to go? Each of the puzzles above is a visual representation of a common phrase or cliché. Can´t figure it out? Then run your mouse over each picture and a phrase will apear ;-) Good luck!!

These are merely the beginning, the rest is to be found here :-) Enjoy!!

My judo Champions....

I am an Aries Terza rima called Sunny ;-) .... aparently

I'm terza rima, and I talk and smile.
Where others lock their rhymes and thoughts away
I let mine out, and chatter all the while.

I'm rarely on my own - a wasted day
Is any day that's spent without a friend,
With nothing much to do or hear or say.

I like to be with people, and depend
On company for being entertained;
Which seems a good solution, in the end.
What Poetry Form Are You?

You are 93% Aries

Your Hippie Chick Name is: Sunny

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Contemplations on Virgin Express ;-)

Ahhh, realxing on the train, Jón Kjartans version of various troubador songs in my ears... The rolling hills of England outside, complete with mist and all.. and then, the sheep...
The sheep that are painted red and blue !! What´s with that??? I heard once that it was a way of marking upon which sheep what ram had gone, i.e. the underside of his belly coloured so as to mark the lucky sheep... but it´s not really the right time of the year for that?? Or is it? Well let´s think..nov, dec, jan, feb, mar, apr.. makes six months.. woe be me, lived on a farm for a year and have absolutely no idea as to the typical length of a sheeps (pregnancy) ( can´t be the right word, but it´ll do) ;-) This would explain why most of the sheep have two or more colours on their backs... kinda illogical if that were the general marking, right?

It´s nice in a kinda surreal way though, rolling green hills cut up by railway tracks and long straight lines of red leaved trees. Castles enveloped in mist and pretty farms surrounded by sheep with long tails....oh and why are all the cows ere the same colour, black and white gets boring after a while ;-P I´ll stop now!!.. It´s snowing at home right now....

School´s starting to get busy.. for today I had to prepare for a presentation on a Proppian analysis of an Icelandic Wonder tale, a presentation on a participant observation I did a while back and a presentation on a filedwork manual of my own free choice ;-) Pretty basic, excellent practice but not exactly the most interesting of jobs.. well at least the Proppian thingie wasn´t. But there again it was about time I actually applied the functions to a fairy tale, I´ve until now always gotten away with applying them to movies of my choice..

Only a month till Christmas..food for thought... well it is for us seeing as the plan is to celebrate Christmas on the 18th or the 19th instead of on the 24th... Waiting for ghasping sounds of shock... well, seeing as the kids will be leaving on the 22nd for Iceland to spend Christmas with their father it merely seems logical to speed things up, let them enjoy celebrating two Christmases and for us to enjoy celebrating with them!! And it isn´t anyway like the date is the absolute truth of dates, “the” birthday of Christ ;-) More like Christianity assimilating the old Yule and midwinter traditions so as to fix their seat better.

But this does mean that I´ll be asking family and friends who were planning on sending the kids presents to think about it sooner than later, please.

Well, getting into Sheffield in abit, better start packing .....

Monday, November 15, 2004

Warning !! Major blabberpost up ahead..avoid if allergic to tales of children or of motherhood!!!

Been a good weekend :-) On Thursday (Yes I am fully aware that it´s not officially a part of the weekend and now keep quiet!) there was the parents teachers night at the kids school. I of course started stressing and fretting well in advance as is appropriate (or at least normal) until we finally left the house at 6:50. It was immensely gratifying!! We started up by meeting up with Ragnars teacher, mrs. Jamieson, who (apart from having a weird aversion to actually looking Halldor in the eye or addressing anything to him) was very pleasant in as much as she gave us good news about Ragnars progress. That he was in fact, aquiring Engilish at a remarkable level, was well above average in maths and was to be awarded a diploma of sorts the following morning at assembly for good progress and behaviour.
Now for those of you who don´t know, this is the kid whom I was told by officials four years ago would never be like normal children and that I should probably look into the possibility of special schooling for him!! So from there he has progressed to here!! A capable, socially capable curious child who has managed to conform his disabilities into idiosyncrasies. He couldn´t make himself understood in Icelandic at age six and now at age eight he is rapidly learning English. His English reading now is on par with his Icelandic reading capabilities a year ago!!The only part of his disability that is still quite obvious is his lack of social skills in the peer group arena, and somehow...judging from my own experiences and his father I think that might not dispel that easily. But from what I heard from his other teachers his classmates take very good care of him and make sure to include him in their endeavours.

Elena as it turns out is showing off her capabilities here as at home ;-) as it was so quaintly put, she´s; highly intelligent, talented and capable....but tends to want to make her own pace, control her surroundings and ... well rule. That didn´t coma as any surprice to me :-) She´s very powerful and selfwilled and will not follow any rules unless they make sense to "her" ;-) I did however find to my surprice that she was learning to approach the other kids in a softer way (obviously after failing the commando way) and then my pride: that she´d just been moved from the elementary maths group to the advanced one, seeing as soon as the language stopped impeding her they realised she was far ahead of the other in math skills and that her drawings were quite astounding, a five year old drawing full people figures with all extremeties correctly counted out and displayed.

I shouldn´t have, or rather needn´t have worried, for some strange reason, in spite of me, the kids have turned out amazingly!! Ragnar a young man who loves reading his childrens encyclopædia, discusses religion at the dinner table and is the calm somewhat reserved type. And Elena who´s a powerful, strong individual who if she manages her cards correctly (or if I manage to hammer in a modicum of self restraint) will go far if she so wishes. Talented and beautiful both of them.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Look up ;-)

On another note, for a laugh have a browse by this here video!! It has got to be the best DUI capture ever!! I laughed my head off, the guy is amazing, and then..... ;-)

Happy birthday Steini wherever you are :-D

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Steini,
Happy birthday to you.

Today is my baby brothers birthday, born of Friday the thirteenth some decades ago ;-). When last heard of back in Denmark and presumably back living in the unfurnished loft of the unfinished house his mate was building in Christiania, Copenhagen ;-) Any guesses on how long it takes the natives there to finish building their houses.. for some strange reason they tend to become sidetracked at times ;-P Well Steini if you read this give us a number and I´ll phone you, hugs and loads of love.

Did you know that November 13th marks not only his anniversarial (is that a word?) progression, but also the births of several notable public figures.

354 Saint Augustine (writer, theologian, Catholic Saint)
1850 Robert Louis Stevenson (author)
1955 Whoopy Goldberg (comedienne, actress)
1969 Gerard Butler (actor

So judging from this he´s a sexy, funny, creative, theologician.... well actually that´s not too far off the mark ;-)

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Ladies and gentlemen,drop your borders

Dear American friends.....There´s hope yet... well it seems following Bush´s election applications for Canadian citizenships have risen dramatically ;-) But you need not fret already a project is at hand, so if you´re a single, sexy, American liberal (already a threatened species) then you can visit this site here where eager Canadians wait only to drop their borders for you ;-)
to directly quote the immigration arrangement service ;-) :

"Now that George W. Bush has been officially elected, single, sexy, American liberals - already a threatened species - will be desperate to escape.
These lonely, afraid (did we mention really hot?) progressives will need a safe haven. You can help. Open your heart, and your home. Marry an American."

So whatcya waiting for I asks ye... :-D

Already an update, seems a Canadian Lawyer is making the rounds advicing people on how best to aplly.... And I thought I´d been joking...?

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

O.k. now it´s getting crreeheepy...

There´s this site... well there are a few of them, on which Americans photograph themselves along with messages of sorryness for having unvittingly been a part of presenting the world with another 4 years of Bush. At first it was funny, a relief from the scaryness that is the election fiasco but now it´s kinda getting out of hand... There´s only so much sorry to be said. I notice that I´m not the only one feeling this way seeing as now there are people from other countries posting their "u don´t need to be sorry" pics ;-) ... A circle anyone..

It´s kinda like in class isn´t it, where the teacher (that would be me) finds herself berating the pupils that actually show up for class for the absence of those who didn´t.. totally useless and fully unfair..

Then there are those that are a gem ;-) at least to ubergeeks like me :-D "If only Buffy and Giles had been here, they could have stopped the ascension". (p.s. does he remind anyone else here of Hrafn Gunnlaugsson or that MH teacher whatshisname?)

On a different note, added two new links to my friends links, ok so maby they´re not quite friends, yet anyway but I feel a certain sense of kindred to them seeing as we all share the same birthday ;-) April 20th and funnily enough their blogs seem oddly familiar.. These would be the Antisocial Bitch and the Oxymoron :-D Found them via the Globe of Blogs where one can search by birthdays amongst other criteria :-) So what do you think, any similarities ..?

Monday, November 08, 2004

Mmmm of a slightly introspective turn of mind

People are like stained-glass windows.
They sparkle and shine when the sun is out,
but when the darkness sets in,
their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within."

--- Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

Saturday, November 06, 2004

he he such a waste of time yet so much fun... want one of your own, then click the pic ;-) Cheers.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Studying at Sheffield

So now I´m studying for my masters degree in folkloristics at Sheffield... About bloody time as dad would put it.. ;-) There´s only the four of us in this Masters group, There´s noI complaining though!! It allows for a very personal, comfortable and intense learning environment that extends outside the office walls. Literally we´ll go to the pub (don´t you just love Britain !! :-D) and sit there discussing the material, our thoughts on it and all kinds of folklore stuff which intense once a week classes don´t really allow for. A very comfortable environment is already brewing I think it´s going to be a fun year indeed.

The classroom or rather office environment is fun as well. Wherever one is, be it the kitchen or the classroom there are loads of books and files all over the place, I actally think that the loo is th only room in the building that hasn´t got any filing cabinets nor books... however on closer though I think there´s a filing cabinet in there ;-P .... Books everywhere... Perfect right?

Iæm getting more used to the commuting, but still having to get up at quarter to five is hell, and then having to spend eight hours that day on train is somewhat tiring. But it offers an eccellent opportunity for reading, studying and I can always watch stuff on my computer... Right now I´m half way through series 6 of Buffy.. well there was this incident, well I have this credit card, and I was searching for propp (morphology of the folktale)on the Amazon web and totally by accident I accidentally came by Buffy only to find out they were half the price ... And seeing as I had just grduated and hadn´t recieved any pressies.. I just "had" to get one... ok two... seasons :-D

Anyways off to get the kids from school, cheers from freezing Edin.

I was in this situation once. It’s not fun.

I had to use this public restroom and I was barely sitting down when I heard a voice from the other cubicle saying: "Hi, how are you?"
Now, I'm not the type to start a conversation in the men's restroom
but I don't know what got into me, so I answered, somewhat embarrassed,
"Doin' just fine!"
And the other guy says: "So what are you up to?"
What kind of question is that? At that point, I'm thinking this
is too bizarre so I say: "Uhhh, I'm like you, just travelling!"
At this point I am just trying to get out as fast as I can when I
hear another question. "Can I come over?" Ok, this question is just too weird for me but I figured I could just be polite and end the conversation. I tell him, "No........I'm a little busy right now!!!"
Then I hear the guy say nervously..."Listen, I'll have to call you back. There's an idiot in the other cubicle who keeps answering all my questions!!!"

Do you have any similar stories to share ;-) Please do .....

Bush won....

An amazingly well done flash video, the art, the voicing, the music and... the albeit slightly conspiritical (ok ;-) I know it´s not a real word but hey) content.

Then to quote the words of the antisocial bitch (who incidentally has the same birthday as I ;-)

"Firstly, I predict civil war before this term is up.

Secondly, I predict some other country will butt fuck us big time if we keep pissing the rest of the world off.

Thirdly, even if Kerry had won, I can't imagine how he could have even begun to pull us back from the brink of all the chaos GW has reaped upon our once great country.

2008=Hillary Clinton. It can't come fast enough. A woman with balls is our only fucking hope now."

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

You have to love it ;-) ....

from Pgh Post-Gazzette 10/27

So... the results in yet..??? Am slightly apprehensive have to admit... and only Ohio left as things stand... Oh well

Monday, November 01, 2004

Friends enjoying Halloween in Virgina ;-)


Vampires Of Anne Rice..(girls) - guys coming soon
brought to you by Quizilla

Count Bush blocks his website from the aliens accross the sea

Apparently Bush and Kerry are related, as well as being related to count Dracula ;-P Check out the flash for further proof as well to see if "you" are perhaps related as well....? (cue eerie music)

On the Bushy subject apparently Bushes re-election campaign web page has been marked off limits for quite a lot of foreigners ;-) Including Scotland I gound out. This they say is done for "security reasons" ;-) Oh well, if you do however feel the need to browse his site you can do so by going through a proxy like here :-D No keeping us out of places we´re not supposed to be ehi?

I´m curious whether Iceland has also been cut off, anyone feel like checking for me ?

via the rabid librarian and Yummy Wakame

The tiredness of Japanese "Sarariwaka" (Salary worker)

In Giappone la chiamano “karoshi” ed è la morte da superlavoro, che ogni anno da loro fa più vittime degli incidenti stradali. Si sa che i giapponesi la fatica se la chiavano per la faccia, ma a noi debosciati disoccupati meridionali, ci suona comunque strano vedere gente annientata dalla stanchezza in metropolitana, per strada, sulle scale mobili, insomma dove capita.
E’ un rischio che noi non corriamo, ma mi domando: come cazzo si fa a ridursi così?

(thought I´d blog in Italian for a change ;-) By all means click on the link seeing as seeing is believeing, or understanding as would be the case here ;-P