Monday, September 29, 2003

I´d like to point out my japanese page, i.e. it´s not in japanese per se but focuses on the contrasts that personify Japanese culture !! :-) Loads of jokes well as numerous links to sites of use!!

Ahh a spot of positiveness.. :-) The photos from the "nomi ni iku" evening of the japanese department have just been put on the wec, of course mine is terrible but I guess that´s the price one pays when being perfect in every other way ;-P

;-) sorry ´bout the rant ... re the hyper sensitivity to noise ..well when I was pregnant it happened on occasion that I would get out of bed, get dressed, walk out to the neighbors and wake them up just so that they´d turn their darned alarm clock off...emphasis on the pregnant part !!

Free Sex

No not really..sorry. Just didn´t have a clue as to how to start this blog off and you have to admit this one´s an attention grabber.

People are strange!! I don´t know if you´ve noticed it before but they are. Most people are nice enough one on one but as a whole living in a mixed community everything seems to get skeewed, one doesn´t know what is good or bad, what is appropriate concern and what is noseyness..As you´ve probably already guessed there´s a reason for this here rant. On Tursday one of the workers who have been busy digging up the whole neighbourhood for the past three months, knocked on my door and I got asked for the third time whether I knew anything about the lady in the house adjacent to mine. I answered truthfully and denied even having seen her for the past month or so. He claimed they were there all day everyday and had never seen anyone entering or leaveing the house, and that the thirty odd cats in there seemed awfully restless. I started pondering, remembering that I´d been swearing unusally ofrten at the cats around the house for their loudness and noticing the thick moistness on the inside of the windows, of the “someone has just taken a steaming hot two hour shower” kind.. All in all not good signs in my opinion.. After knocking on the door and peeking through the mail slit trying to check for piled up mail to no avail, I decided to call the police and literally asked them if they thought there were any grounds for my concern. They thought everything highly odd, half an hour later they arrived having failed to reach her on the phone nor having found any close relatives (remember Icelands tiny population) to checkon her. Well to cut a long story short (too late I realise) they phoned me the following evening to tell me all was well. O.k .. then she pounds upon my door absolutely furious at me, for having had the police break into her apartment giving her the shock of her life apparently and totally ruining her sleep. I felt terrible, there I had gone and invaded this persons privacy to the point of someone having actually phisically invaded her house... I felt the worst kind of nosy person alive.... Or at least something akin to whats his name in the Simpsons, the guy who means so well but .. yeah well you get the picture.

Then yesterday a friends car ran out of petrol/gas in the middle of a very busy three lane main road. Me and Ragnar (my son) got out of the car and waited by the curb whilst my friend ran for petrol. For the fifteen odd minutes we stood there three people stopped their car and offered assistance, I was so appreciative and grateful. Had I been there by myself with Ragnar I would have so appreciated this. Only one silly sod drove past at high speed honking loudly after having nearly run into the car ;-)

I like the odds, it made me feel better knowing the people care for their fellow beings.

I´m overly sensitive to high pitched sounds and the other day a fire alarm somewhere was really irritating me, I ended up going out and finding the house from whence the sound derived. Knowing that in all likelyhood it was just a breakfast gone bad I still felt I had to knock and see if someone was home. Of course the man was home but he thanked me for the thought. I sincerely hope that if my fire alarm goes off and I´m not home or Ragnar is perhaps by himself, that someone will knock on my door !!!
I realise I´m a Chicken soup nidiot but still.... Care and cosideration, politeness and looking out for children and old people is so easy.... O.k. enough of the preaching.. I´m gonna skip the whole quoting the Bible, Koran, Buddah or any other scriptures.. otherwise you´d never read my blog again.. I´m a sap I know

Sunday, September 28, 2003

A question for you Alison..does my son have any japanese traits or am I just imagining things...... ;-P The squatting thing isn´t really an Icelandic trait.......

A picture taken during Ragnars after school activities ;-)

Sorry to those suffering from Icelandiclackalitis but I still had to post these ;-)


Aragorn er ansi lúinn
eftir ótal hlátrasköll
nú er Fróði næstum búinn
nú er sagan öll?

Heyrðu snöggvast Sauron minn
snjallur vin minn kæri
heldurðu ekki að hringinn þinn
ég hermannlega bæri?

Found them via KristJ

Saturday, September 27, 2003

I like heart warmers..I´m a sucker I know..But I feel this kind of news shouldn´t really be news as such. It should be the norm rather than the exception !
;-) o.k. lecture of the day over..just read the story

Train passenger hands in jewels worth £400,000

An elderly woman who left £400,000 worth of jewellery on a German train was lucky to get them back after a passenger handed them to the conductor.

The pensioner realised her mistake when she got off the train at Mainz, but could only watch as the service rolled out of the station towards Cologne.

Her cries of anguish drew the attention of the platform master, and radio operators were eventually able to contact staff on-board the service.

But an honest passenger had already handed the valuables to a conductor, who returned them to security officers at Cologne station.

The owner jumped on the next train to Cologne and got back her heirlooms, which she had been taking to her son for safekeeping - because of her absent-mindedness.

via ananova

This is such a scary site...

Shows us really how distorted people can get trying to fit in with societies preonceptions of beauty :P

Friday, September 26, 2003

Ban on Russian ads depicting euro having sex with dollar

Advertising authorities in Moscow have banned a poster campaign showing the euro having sex with the US dollar.

Magazine publisher Igor Maltsev said he did not realise what the posters were supposed to represent.

"I thought the currencies were dancing on our poster," he said.

"But after hearing from Mr Presnyakov I saw that, yes, maybe, this is a love scene."

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Ahh a few pics of a pre peroxided Gellar and post peroxided Marster ;-) yummy

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Hi :-) another good, albeit very cold, day has dawned and I am taking the whole split personality thing to another level.... I´m finding myself torn between blogging here ;-) and posting ommoshiroi (intresting) japanese stuff on my japan page :-/ hummmm.... Any ways, ever wondered when the first computer bug made it´s appearance? ;-) click on the pic to the right to find out... As for the worst scientific jobs... and here you thought your sucked....?

Tale of how other students of japanese have inadvertently fouled up ;-)

Recycling at its tastiest

I had been learning Japanese for the past few months, mainly for the purpose of communicating with my Japanese neighbor. One evening when he was visiting us, my mother served him a sweet she had prepared. He had never seen anything like it before and looked at it a little apprehensively. I tried to explain to him how the sweet was prepared, intending to say, "Kore wa goma kara tsukurimashita," which means, "This was made from sesame." In my overenthusiasm, however, I said, "Kore wa gomi kara tsukurimashita," which translates to "This was made from garbage."
Geetha Ranganathan
Madras, India

The What is Greener?

The setting was a speech in front of a Japanese PTA group. The speaker wanted to say that the grass at home was a different color from the grass of Japan. Instead of kusa ("grass"), however, the word that came out was kuso, or, politely put, "excrement." The most amusing part was that the mothers only nodded their heads and muttered, "Ah, so desu ka?"
Joseph Tomei
Sendai, Japan

Monday, September 22, 2003

Hey I feel great..... feels like a very good beginning of a good week......

This weeks resolution ... to work on my attendance ;-P At the Japanese beer evening on Thursday Umezawa sensei told me off so ... I guess if she notices my absence in a group of fifty odd students I´d better show up, what do you think??

Humm might have applyed to me as a child but I sincerely doubt anyone would label me as being the quiet one today.. and come to think of it neither as a child......

quite result
Quiet Girl

What kind of little girl were YOU?
brought to you by Quizilla

always look before you leap

Thursday, September 18, 2003

A remarkably nasty yet strangely entertaining site ..... Made a by a gentleman named Tony Hawks, no not the skater, featuring his laconic, even evil replies to e-mails sent to him by mistake ;-)

Tony Hawks You´r 900 is the best stand where i have see.

I have a question for you. Can you me help me? I would like become a good skater. All my joy laugh me out because i can´t a OLLY. Please help me!!!

Goodby: Rene, Germany

Dear Rene

First of all, Ollying is over-rated. Most of my friends can’t olly and they are still happy fulfilled individuals. In fact, I can’t Olly and I don’t want to. Ollying is silly.

Tony Hawks

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Humm .. ;-P Really now ......

You are fantasy fiction!
What fiction genre are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

your site is fashionably bisexual
Fashionably bisexual. Your page wins the coveted
award of fashionable bisexuality. It's fresh
and funky, without overdoing it. Your page
likes male and female websites, in a totally
non-skanky way. You're slightly alernative, and
very cool.

What is your website's sexual orientation?
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Hey.. no dishing ;-) !! I´m allowed to get sappy and mum like occasionally.... you know.. this level of cool is hard to maintain constantly... loud chorus of sniggers and chuckles ;-) ....Well I´m off to school in a mom. School life is really agreeing with me.. the level of mess at home has even increased ..

It´s just so great to be back at school studying what I´ve always wanted to study...

insert various bumbled thoughts on having been in a kind of a stasis, not bad, just stuck .. and now a feeling of onward forward motion.... a sense of renewed self .. enjoying being there for the kids ... as well as being just me ....a big "ego" centric "I" feeling .. mumble jumble bumble ....

There is a good group morale, loads of really intresting people ...... and even though it´s the first year that Japanese is taught at university level here in Iceland we´re already the second largest language department! Go us !! ;-)

On thursday there´ll be a beer night at felix (sportkaffi) with the compulsuory japanese music ;-) so those of you interested and in Iceland by all means walk beer ;-P

On God, spiders and treeclimbing in Iceland

I´ve just been to the first parent teacher meeting at Ragnars school. The teacher told us a rather intresting story ;-)

The class had been outside searching for bugs for their bugs project when the bell rang and everyone ran inside for lunch. Once inside the teacher noticed that she had miscounted the kids and one was missing. By this time I was getting a funny familiar feeling inside

so out she went to search for him, and after repeated searches and asking the other students she finally found him sitting in a tree.

When asked why he hadn´t come inside when the other kids went inside he said he´d wanted to find a spider and had hence climbed all the trees to no avail. So resigning himself to his unsuccessful venture he decided to have a nice talk with God

my son is so perfectly great

impossible to tell off a kid thats sitting in a tree talking with God..

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

The sheep in Iceland are unique to say the least ;-)

Mesa wants !!!!

I like this kid ;-)

Todays recipy is as follows....

Write a letter to your future self ;-)

Then have a couple of rounds with Samurai Jack

Then for some culture .. see the Leonardo drawings one normally doesn´t see in the school text books.

Monday, September 15, 2003

American idol clips ;-)

Sunday, September 14, 2003

Have your souls worth calculated for you ........ kinda creepy .. :-/

Only four days until the "talk like a pirate day ;-)"

Quotes from the courtroom :-D

I know you´ve heard them all before but theyre just so funny ;-)

Now, doctor, isn't it true that when a person dies in his sleep, in most cases he just passes quietly away and doesn't know anything about it until the next morning?

What happened then?
He told me, he says, "I have to kill you because you can identify me."
Did he kill you?

Was it you or your brother that was killed in the war?

Were you alone or by yourself?

What is the meaning of sperm being present?
It indicates intercourse.
Male sperm?
That is the only kind I know.

Can you describe the individual?
He was about medium height and had a beard.
Was this a male or female?

How long have you been a French Canadian?

How far apart were the vehicles at the time of collision?

Mr. Clark, you went on a rather elaborate honeymoon, didn't you?
I went to Europe, sir.
And did you take your new wife?

Do you have any children or anything of that kind?

I show you Exhibit 3 and ask you if you recognize that picture.
That's me.
Were you present when that picture was taken?

Now, Mrs. Johnson, how was your first marriage terminated?
By death.
And by whose death was it terminated?

Do you know how far pregnant you are now?
I'll be three months on November 8.
Apparently, then, the date of conception was August 8?
What were you doing at that time?

Mrs. Jones, do you believe you are emotionally stable?
I used to be.
How many times have you committed suicide?

She had three children, right?
How many were boys?
Were there girls?

You say that the stairs went down to the basement?
And these stairs, did they go up also?

All you responses must be oral, ok? What school did you go to?

Are you qualified to give a urine sample?
Yes, I have been since early childhood.

Doctor, how many autopsies have you performed on dead people?
All my autopsies are performed on dead people.

Do you recall approximately the time that you examined the body of Mr. Brown?
It was in the evening. The autopsy started about 8:30 p.m.
And Mr. Brown was dead at the time, is that correct?
No. He was sitting on the table wondering why I was doing an autopsy!

Saturday, September 13, 2003

Smile smile, nod nod, wave wave, smile some more, bask bask :-)

it would seem fame has at long last recognized me.....

curt turn off of violin music scratching of record silence.......

or so I thought.. :-(

In the last 24 hours nearly two thousand people have visited my humble blog... And here I thought it was due to my immesuarble charm, wittyness and gorgeous beauty...when it turns out they all went to look at this old blog of mine :-/ ??

To save you the hassle of actually going to have a look, it contained this pice of trivial news about Demi and Ashton outwitting Letterman by turning the questions on him....

imageDemi Moore and 25-year-old toyboy Ashton Kutcher turned the tables on David Letterman in America on Monday night when he started asking too many questions about their romance. The 40-year-old actress squirmed awkwardly in her seat on The Late Show as Letterman poked around for personal details about Hollywood's hot new couple. Letterman joked, "He's like 18 or something. He's the luckiest man alive." But Demi fired back - with a little help from a text message from her boyfriend - which Kutcher sent her while she was on the show. She said, "He has a message for you too - 'Tell him I wanted to say, Dude, where's your girlfriend?' I mean, how do you keep it all so secret. You have the same girlfriend. How do you do it?" Suddenly it was reclusive Letterman's turn to feel uncomfortable in being asked about his romance with Regina Lasko. He mumbled, "Nobody cares. Why would Ashton Kutcher care? I feel like I've been Punk'd."

Anyone care to enlighten me????

Heyjay jibbijeym ;-) I´m number ten on the top score list on the spelling bee ;-)

How do you score ;-) ?

This is just getting too weird.....

Industry Group Pays Child's RIAA Fine

Pick pirates more carefully, peer-to-peer organization tells music labels.

P2P United, a newly formed industry trade association, says it will pay the $2000 fine imposed on 12-year-old Brianna LaHara by the recording industry for illegally downloading music from the Internet.

The executive director of the Washington, D.C.-based P2P United, Adam Eisgrau, says the RIAA should pick on someone its own size, not a little girl who downloaded songs like "If You're Happy and You Know It, Clap Your Hands."

He is also calling on the RIAA to abandon its campaign and stop going after children and grandparents--one RIAA target is a 71-year-old grandfather.

Why on earth go after the minority groups like minors or old people on retirement funds... thats only going to work against them !!! The whole system needs to be rethought. What do you think??

For the full article go here

Friday, September 12, 2003

Hi :-) care to give me an opinion on my japanese links page .. please ..?

Thursday, September 11, 2003

Sorry about the complete lack of writing, this is the cause .. promice I won´t be gone for too long though and Bill yes I am working on the questionnaire ;-P

Seems she has a funny side .. I likes... ;-)

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Mutsuo Koga wades through water while wearing traditional Japanese Samurai armour and helmet weighing 33 pounds during the Japanese-style swimming championships in Shuzenji.

Monday, September 08, 2003

Educational toys for the kids...???

Sunday, September 07, 2003

Why do I read everything as if it relates to my thesis which I´m by the way supposed to hand in on Monday a week from today.. and have had hanging over me for the past four years :-(

Your Weekly Horoscope for Sept 08 to 14

This is rather an intense week for a number of reasons. Jupiter, the Sun, Mercury, and Venus are continuing their journey through Virgo, so your work is likely to be emphasized once again. It seems you have plenty of ideas, but due to the fact that Mercury continues to be retrograde, you may find yourself working on projects that cover old ground, or that require you to dig deep into your resources to deliver the goods. Venus conjuncts Mercury, which might encourage you to work on compromising in a difficult situation. Later in the week, Mercury squares Pluto, which may mean that if you don't get it right at the start, you may end up not speaking by the end - unless you are prepared to jump into the deep end. The Sun also squares Pluto, so look out for an intense situation where feelings are likely to be running high. Once you get involved, it may be hard to extricate yourself from the drama. Part of this situation may be related to an ongoing relationship, in which the road has become slightly rocky. Be gentle with yourself and your lover. A Full Moon in Pisces brings you plenty of dreams and inspiration - just don't get too carried away.

He he thi hi ha ha ha .. he he ... Been a very long time since I laughed this much out loud (LOL) guess it shows what kind of a perverse charachter I am.. (+18)

Saturday, September 06, 2003

According to this Iceland rules ..!!!!!! ;-)

Countries with the most internet users (regular users per 1000 people)

1 Iceland 787.45
2 Sweden 678.1
3 Denmark 627.69
4 Netherlands 605.56
5 Hong Kong 595.62
6 Norway 592.25
7 USA 590.78
8 UK 573.79
9 Australia 543.82
10 South Korea 529.76 s

Via the Daily Record

Here´s an article you HAVE to read !! ;-) It´s all about zigging when you´re supposed to Zag and when the Zagging becomes too Ziggy and you can´t tell. And that rapping might not be the best way out for beginning lovers :-D

P.s. whilst you´re at it you might want to have a quick look at the man of the year awards ;-) or an instruction photo where as to NOT park your car ;-)

Friday, September 05, 2003

Yess!!! (bear with me.. I really like this show ;-)

(insert happy dance here)*

Firefly is to made into a feature film !! :-D

"After taking his "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" feature film and turning it into a successful TV series, "Firefly" creator Joss Whedon is about to do the reverse with his Fox cult hit, which will be released theatrically by Universal Pictures. "

"The action-adventure series was set 500 years in the future and centered on a crew aboard a spaceship. The feature version will incorporate the mythology from the show but will take on a more epic feel. Whedon hopes to enlist the entire cast to come back for the feature, depending on their previous commitments, with new characters added as well"

"Ever since the show went off the air, our fan base has grown even more," said Mutant Enemy president Christopher Buchanan. "We've had tremendous outpouring from the U.S. and Canada as well as the U.K., which just finished a run of 'Firefly' over there. Every comic book and sci-fi convention has had a 'Firefly' presence since the show first aired."

"Whedon's feature film screenplay credits include "Titan A.E.," "Alien: Resurrection" and "Toy Story."

MAL: ...shouldn't you be off bringing religiosity to the fuzzy-wuzzys or some such?
BOOK: Oh, I've got heathens aplenty right here.

ZOE: Next time we smuggle stock, let's make it something smaller.
WASH: Yeah, we should start dealing in those black-market beagles.

SIMON: For this to work, River and I will have to be dead.
JAYNE: Huh. I'm starting to like this plan.

ZOE: Preacher, don't the Bible have some pretty specific things to say about killing?
BOOK: Quite specific. It is, however, somewhat fuzzier on the subject of kneecaps.

JAYNE: Testing. Testing, Captain, can you hear me?
MAL: I'm standing right here.
JAYNE: You're coming through good and loud.
MAL: 'Cause I'm standing right here.

And finally some really funny pics, don´t you just love the different hairstyles as long as theire on someone elses pics ;-)
Pic 1, pic 2, pic 3, and pic 4

*happy dance courtesy of Absynthe and cookies

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Here´s a thought to ponder.....

What matters in science: facts, and not people's perceptions of them. What matters in politics: people's perception of facts, and not the facts themselves.

Ahh and for those of you seeking your way into the depths of foul Mordor look no further ´cause the map is here!!

p.s. for silly tests remember to visit my other blog ;-)

A rant taken from Sápuópera í Reykjavík.. ! Vá I wish I could write like this... I like this woman ;-) I apologise for the Icelandic but when reading an Icelandic blog you have to expect it from time to time ;-)

Hann var kominn á Svarta Kaffið á Laugaveginum á undan mér. Kannski ekki alveg Johnny Depp en verulega langt frá því að vera ljótur. Með þetta líka fallega bros og aðeins 15 mínútna spjall sannfærði mig um að hann væri bæði klár og skemmtilegur. Við ákváðum að rölta Laugaveginn í góða veðrinu og þaðan upp Hverfisgötuna. Á Hverfisgötunni dró hann mig inn í bakgarð og þegar hann greip þéttingsfast utan um mig og þrýsti mér að karlmannlegu brjósti sínu, leið mér eins og flóuð hormónamjólk væri að freyða upp í hausinn á mér. Froðan hjaðnaði þó snarlega þegar mannhelvítið rak tunguna ofan í vélindað á mér í stað þess að kyssa mig. Mér svelgdist á, ég kúgaðist og táraðist en hann tók því sem merki um að mér þætti þessi taktík algjört æði.
Hann hélt því áfram og gerði heiðarlega tilraun til að sleikja æluna upp úr innyflum mínum. Má með sanni segja að engum manni hafi auðnast að komast jafn nálægt því að snerta hjarta mitt með tungulipurð sinni.

Þegar mér tókst loks að slíta mig lausa, bar ég því við að ég hefði alls ekki ætlað að láta til skarar skríða á fyrsta deiti og börnin væntu mín heim eftir smástund. Sjálfsagt hefði verið heiðarlegra að segja honum að ástæða þess að hann ætti ekki bæði konu og hjákonu væri fullkomlega vonlaus kossatækni en það var hvort sem er ekki ætlun mín að giftast honum og eignast með honum börn (enda bauð hann mér ekki kastala í fjallshlíð) og ég var hreint ekki í stuði til þess að sinna sálgæslu fram á nótt. Ég bauð góða nótt, fór aftur inn á Svarta Kaffi og dró upp varasímanúmerið. 20 mínútum síðar birtist hann í dyrunum og ég hugsaði; Guð er til -og ástin. Hann var meira en sætur. Hann var fallegri en Elijah Wood, sakleysið uppmálað, svart hár, blá augu og varla deginum eldri en 25 ára.

Ég kann engar pikkupp lí­nur svo ég spurði hann hvort hann hefði hitt fleiri konur í gegnum einkamál.
-Nei, é vassko í­ sambandi sko og so langaði mér gegt a tékkássu en emmar sé giftur þá sé maður giftur o þá vill ékkett vera að bjóða freistingunum heim so konan verði ekki vitlaus, so é gerrekket íðí. So var dömpað mér í­ sumar o þá sko gerði ég nikk addna en þa var ekket mikið kvenfólk sem svaraði o so bra svaraðir þú.

Ég horfði á hann dálitla stund. Sætur eða ofsasætur, það eru samt takmörk fyrir öllu. Ég bara GET EKKI átt kynferðislegt samneyti við lífveru sem segir "ef maður sé giftur" og "það var dömpað mér". Ég þakkaði fyrir spjallið, óskaði honum velfarnaðar og fór heim að sofa, án þess að leiðrétta svo mikið sem eina málvillu. Sumt er einfaldlega utan míns áhrifasviðs, ojamm.

Mér leiðist ennþá.

A really intresting site on the different "new age" religious groups ...

hummph according to this "infallible" test I am a male :-( tell us how you do will you? Wether it deems you the right gender or not... or maby I´m just a man and never knew it ;-) would explain some tendencies in the past but the phisique is harder to explain ;-P cheers all

"Find the Man's Head within 3 seconds and you're a genius! According to medical experiments: If you can find the Man's Head within 3 seconds, your right brain is developed better than normal. If you can find the Man's Head within 1 minute, your right brain is developed normally. If you can find the Man's Head within 1-3 mintues, your right brain is slow in reacting, you should eat more meat protein. If you can find the Man's Head in 3 minutes or more, your right brain is a disaster... ;-) So by all means tell us how you get on.. I did it in 5 seconds.....:-/

Geoff Cohen has been ranting entertainingly in his blog about something he calls "real maps." It's been long known that maps are distortive -- canonically, they're not the territory -- and out of proportion --the way that the mapmaker accounts for the Earth's curvature can be intensely political, as can the decision as to where the lateral boundaries of the map occur.

But Geoff's after a simpler form of "real map" -- he wants a map "with the actual names of countries on it. If you look at a typical American-produced map, it's full of countries with names like "Germany" and "India" and "Greece" and "China" and "Japan" and "Hungary" and "Egypt," etc. etc. etc. You might not think that's strange, but the fact is that there are no such countries. This is ridiculous. It's time to get rid of at least one vestige of colonialism and produce an accurate map using the names of the countries as they are meant to be said."

He's gone ahead and produced a real map of Europe. It's nice, however he´s made slight mistakes in the naming...for instance Iceland is supposed to be plain Ísland or Lýðveldið Ísland and he´s written something entirely different

I personally really like the maps from Australia that are upside down.. ;-) And the first time I saw a world map that didn´t have Iceland as the centre of the world I was shocked ;-) Everyone knows that Iceland is the navel of all civilization ;-)

Added a couple of new links to the friends and students sections, admittedly they are no longer students of mine but hey ;-) old habits die hard

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Today is a day of waste time.. Here you´ll find a hillarious drivers ed ;-) And for addictive games check out this three dimensional ping pong.

I was caught on photo bicycling home from school :-(

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Love is in the air ! ;-P

Today is the first of September !! For those of you previously unaware I started School (again) today :-D Yay, it´s great..... After taking the kids to their schools I walked through the rain accross town to my university (my university being the university of Iceland) It felt great being back....First I dropped by Terrys office to get help with a quotation, where I duly got introduced to the new guest lecturer and got into a short Freud/Dundes discussion.. ;-) Then I walked over to the university cinema where my eleven a-clock lesson was and planted myself by a table in the centre hall and prepaired to study.. ;-) I got greeted by so many, there were friends of my brother asking me for directions and chitterin away :-) there were people from Blönduós who never really greeted me before up north but here showed themselves to be enthusiastic and open...
Humm could it possibly be that academia agrees with me ;-) ? I love this.. it feels like I´m home again...